Blake - The Birthday Boy + FVK Free Shipping Friday

Happy 8th Birthday, Blake!!

8 Things About Blake....

8. He loves having friends over to play.

7. He is kind.

6. He has the best belly laugh.

5. He loves his sister.

4. He will be baptized next week.

3. He loves playing catch with his daddy.

2. He knows he is Special.

1. He is MINE!

We are having a little carnival themed birthday party for Blake this afternoon with all his boy cousins. He is very excited!

Eight years ago today THIS is what I was doing/thinking/feeling. Our life changed dramatically that day. Not only did we welcome our second child into our family, which is life changing itself, we welcomed a little boy born with Spina Bifida.

Diaper changes that lasted 20 minutes and used 6 diapers in the middle of night, an extended NICU stay and a ton of doctor appointments, and laying in bed at night worrying about this new little boy's medical future....were just a few of the immediate noticeable changes. And, looking back....I have loved every single change.

We are enjoying the journey. And while we are struggling right now with new leg aches this week, and wondering if they are just normal growing pains or related to Spina Bifida....we love that Blake truly knows he was made special by a loving Heavenly Father who has given us the opportunity to learn and grow as a family together!

Happy Birthday Bud!


FVK Free Shipping Friday + Saturday**

Now, on to the business end of things.

Since merging my blogs into this one all-inclusive family/life/business blog, I have been wanting to offer you special shopping deals besides all the FVK giveaways that keep happening here! I have been busy uploading pretties into my shop and will to continue to upload more today. Here is a sneak peak of a few items going in the shop today......

And......here is the deal:

Buy two or more items from the shop all day Friday + Saturday (**cake plates excluded)
and receive FREE SHIPPING. You must be a blog follower or facebook fan to receive this special deal. In the 'notes to seller' at the time of purchase just enter in 'blog follower' or 'facebook fan' of the Funky Vintage Kitchen Facebook page and I will refund your shipping.

And, for all you local followers and fans, I have a deal for you too. Since you don't have to pay shipping, I will offer you $3 off your order for the same deal above!

Thank you for being such loyal fans, customers, friends and commenters here on this blog. You help make this so much fun!
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