Big Night + Little Miracle. ** new pictures added!


{me, Amy, Lynnette, Stephanie}

{eating at Franchino}

{after party}

CIA girls got together (well 4 of us) and went to see
Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco.
It is best described as.....
'a zany musical spoof of pop culture with extravagant costumes and outrageously huge hats'
and was completely laugh out loud funny
and a must see for locals and tourists alike!

Before, during and after the show, our friend Carla called and confirmed she was in labor. All three calls were important because I was her {and her husband's} labor coach. More like a doula...but I don't officially have that title even though I have helped with 10 deliveries.



{the after after party}

We arrived at the hospital just 1/2 hour after Carla did
and two hours later I witnessed a little miracle.
It was beautiful, powerful, delicate, gut wrenching, spiritual
and I felt lucky to be there.
That little guy gave us all quite a scare for his first 10 minutes of life
but mommy and baby are just fine and we are awaiting to hear his name.

We are crossing our fingers for a little namesake,
hoping they go with Blake.
We will wait and see.
All the names on their list are cute!

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  1. Looks like such a great day! I've never seen a lady that looks as good pregnant as Carla does! Quite unfair! Also, did you hear his name? I just saw on FB that it's Blake Ryan. An honor for your family and ours! Very cool!

  2. What a wonderful day. :) And when I first saw your photos of the night out, I thought Stephanie looked familiar, and I now realize it's because she's a regular commenter! How fun to place a face with a face with a name.

    Congrats to your friend Carla, the namesake, and getting to witness it. I think it would be very cool to witness someone else's experience. Definitely.

  3. just checking to make sure everything is ok??? you have not blogged in a few days. kinda have me worried! :)

  4. How wonderful! There is no greater honour then sharing in that amazing moment. She was so lucky to have you there. Sounds like a special night indeed.


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