The Bachelorette - Tahiti

Already loving the relationship with Cape Cod from the previews.
He really would be perfect for her.
If she wasn't....so Ali.
A little quirky, down to earth, funny, ohhh I just really like him.
He's my fave!

Oh ya...let's get to the goods on Frank.
I heard that Frank wanted to tell Ali earlier,
but the producers wanted him to wait.
I just can't stand him anymore.

Frank, I'm worried that you might be gay and just don't know it yet.
So Nicole knows she is going to be on TV and doesn't dress up even a bit.
Oh maybe those are denim leggings.
Way to go Frank, tell her all about Ali and your great relationship
then let her know she is the one. It is like a mini final rose ceremony.

Well the whole Nicole + Frank reunion just might end up being better than the past Bachelors. How sweet. How cute. They really do look in love.
Oh...you should be scared Frank.
Ali can be ruthless.
But....I'm thinking she might just understand.

I want to go to Tahiti and stay in one of the huts in the water.
Dave just said he wants to go to Tahiti and surf.
I think we need to start saving for Tahiti!

Cheesy throw the hair out of the water.
Gag me with a spoon.

Roberto has really bad sweaty pits.
They both look so sweaty.
Is that enjoyable?

I do think Roberto is her best match on the show.
Perfect balance of work/family/looks.
eeeks...her dress looks like a swimsuit...a little too revealing in the front.
She keeps eyeing the sweat rolling down his side burn.
Poor guy...use the napkin, will you.
Wipe that sweat off your brow.

Oh the 'I'm falling in love with you.'
Such a great lead into the ever so tough first 'I love you.'

When Dave told me that...he wrote it on a band-aid.
I still have it....somewhere!

Has Roberto never seen Bachelor...
does he not know about the fantasy suite?

Dave wants to know if they have sex on these over-nighters.
What a tramp...he says.
I don't know.
No one has ever really spilled the beans on the over-nighters.

Hello Cape Cod.
I just slept with Roberto last night.

And poor Chris saying I want one of those little islands with the palm trees.
You are a day late, buddy.

Oh they do get their own little island time too.
I love the pearl analogy.
They definitely have chemistry.
And a slow start to love is always better!

His little eyebrow raise with "ya" to the fantasy suite was so cute!
They totally got the better fantasy suite!

My bad on thinking she will understand with Frank.
Chris Harrison even looks pissed.

Was Frank thinking he was going to go on the amazing date with Ali,
then tell her.
Oh no...Chris H. made it clear to do it RIGHT AWAY.
Don't waste any more of their money.

You could hear Frank's heartbeat in the microphone.
And, Ali's already crying.
Ali's thinking...'just tell me your gay'....
not that you have a girlfriend too.

Oh she looked at him like he cheated on her....when he said he went to Chicago.
Frank is acting like it was HIS journey...not Ali's.
This is sad.
Go run into the arms of Cape Cod. He will make you feel all better.

So now Ali is left on the beach with a date with Chris H.

Of course there is something wrong with you, Ali.
It's always about you.

Are we really doing a faux before the rose ceremony stare at the pictures?
Oh...and we are having a rose ceremony.
Won't the boys be shocked when there are just two of them.

Two of my favorites, I might add!

I love her dress.
Too bad her hair is still messy.

Roberto looks like he would have kicked Frank's butt if he were still here.
He looks livid.
Why was she so vague?

What a sweet rose ceremony though.
It might just be one of my favorites!post signature


  1. I am going to really miss your recaps, they crack me up! Like you, I love Chris = awkward, cute, sweet, handsome Chris. Roberto is super hot too but I don't see her with him for the long haul. & Frank, well I'm speechless but I guess it's a good thing that the thunderstorms her in the Northeast wiped out the first 1/2 hour of the show because I missed the whole Nicole/Chicago romance. My hubby thinks Nicole is just Frank's "beard" anyway.

  2. (This has nothing to do with the bachelorette) :) I just stumbled across your blog, I have a 4 year old son (almost 5), Caleb, with SB.

  3. See, I actually felt that, aside from the timing of Frank's admission and her tantrum afterward, Frank and Ali handled the conversation fairly well. While I don't think anyone should go on one of these shows if they have even an INKLING of a spark with someone from their past....I do understand how if you start dating someone else, it makes you realize how much you aren't over someone from the past. I thought they both looked genuinely upset, I think Frank actually felt bad, and I liked how she stuck around to say good-bye to him, and give him a hug. I thought it was classy.

    I do think Chris is the better fit for her, but I think Roberto is MY pick. For me. LOL Someone else who recaps mentioned the pits but that doesn't bother me. A man with some sweat? Heck ya! It's Tahiti for goodness sake, and he's an athlete. Athletes are more prone to sweating because their bodies are working more efficiently. :) Just sayin'....I might have a think for athletes. Ha ha.

    Too bad Hubs isn't one. What in the BLEEP was I thinking???

  4. I've been waiting for your recap ALL day. Pathetic I am... but I don't care.
    Chris- Love him! But as much as I love the guy, Ali is so wrong for him. He's all about family & Cape Cod. Ali is not. She is all about her career and not being anywhere near Cape Cod.

    Roberto, I find him rather dull, don't know why... perhaps cause he is so perfect.

    Frank- I don't think he really is in love with Nicole.... just can't commit to anything. Just like he couldn't commit to his career, his responsibilities. Poor guy. He needs to work that out.

    When Roberto fed all those lines to her at dinner and ended it with, "I'm falling in love with you." I heard cupid shoot himself with an arrow. That line should be banned from the show. From now on they should bleep it out for being overused and abused.

    Ali... pick Roberto. Chris would love you for the rest of his days but he deserves something more than what you can give.... so my fingers are crossed you pick the guy who can dance the salsa.


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