Bachelorette Re-Cap...Lisbon

Did the guys coordinate their outfits for the opening scene?
....all in flip-flops!

Roberto....if I were single, you could be my King of my Castle.
{But I already have a keeper for the King of my Castle.}
Frank....everyone WANTS the one-on-one date.
Quit whining.

I'm sure half of the townspeople walking around were thinking...
'get a room already'!

Oh Frank's panties are all going to be in a twist because he is on the two-on-one.
Cry baby.

Oh the Jake vs. Vienna should be good.

'Nice intimate dinner...just the three of us.'
Totally awkward but the guys made the best of it with the laughter.

Ty is too cheesy sweet for me.
Plus he kinda has a funny nose that I can't get past.

Best quote of the night goes to Chris L AGAIN....said to Kirk,
"Well Cinderella, lets get you ready for the ball!"

Frank definitely got more make-out time than Ty.

Kirk is getting cuter by the minute.
That's a pretty tall glass of beer for both of them.
Oh good the horse and carriage came and picked them up.

Ali, you are overly dramatic and I'm over you.
I'm still here because of Roberto....um...I mean the guys.

Ty, you are just not as funny as Chris L. with your little one-liners.
Trying to tell him you will write him if he doesn't come back wasn't very funny.
Maybe I'm just being sensitive
because I think Chris L. might go home tonight
and I wanted him to be top two.
{remember he wasn't in any previews for tahiti and the other guys were}

I keep trying to fast-forward my DVR and keep realizing I'm watching real time tonight.
I hate having to watch commercials now.

Maybe Ali should drive.
She's driven in all the other dates.
He was in the crosswalk.
I am laughing so hard right now!
Slow is good Ali. Quit rushing things.

Hold on for dear life Chris. She will show you how it's done.
If Chris was still driving they wouldn't have been there until dark!

Oh the bracelet was so sweet...especially waiting to give it to her.
Ali, you are crazy if you let him go. Starting out as friends is the way to go.

OH....I am so excited! She just picked Chris L. first.
Jumping up and down.

Yay for Kirk too!

So sorry, Ty. Really. I am.
But I am so happy too!

Really Ali...there goes the drama again.
Did you have to stand in the rain with the sad face?
C'mon. Ridiculous.

Now, onto Jake vs. Vienna

First off Vienna....being a pilot's wife can be a bit lonely.
You signed up for that.

Oh....text messages. How old are they?
This is high school.
But I can't stop watching.

Vienna, I'm pretty sure you didn't mind the media stuff.
In fact, I'm betting you wanted more and
I have to say you were smart to take it to the media first
to cash in.....cuz when this is over, no one is going to be interested.

I think I am siding with Vienna.
Except its a polygraph test....not a poly-a-graph test, sweetheart.

Vienna, you are being caught in a little lie.
You wouldn't stay in L.A. if you weren't liking it.

Oh wow, I'm kinda seeing Jake's side too.
Vienna, won't shut up.

This is stupid. They are fighting over a dog.
Why, can't I turn it off?!

Dave and I are scratching our heads right now.
This is immature and stupid.
Then we turn to each other and.....
decide that we probably sound just as immature
and fight about stupid things too.
And, if that is what we sound like
we need to apologize to our neighbors!

And to each other!

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  1. to be honest I dvr's it and actually fast forwarded through most of it just to get to Jake and Vienna! LOL Vienna was the media whore as she puts it, not Jake IMO. Does she ever just zip her lip...OMgoodness, stop talking, stop crying! Jake is not the sweetie I once thought he was but he was living with her for pete's sake. He picked her...we all saw it coming, to bad he did not!

    As for ALi, I still like her and Frank, and I am very upset he is going to hurt her, bad Frank, bad Frank!

    I read something somewhere about a past with Roberto...before the show??? huh?

  2. I LOVE (can I saw looovvvvve) Chris. He's sweet and adorable and clearly into her (did you see his nervous hands shaking when he put on her bracelet?) He's the real deal. Maybe it's because I'm from MA, maybe it's because we vacation every year in Cape Cod but he's too cute for words. Roberto is super cute too but Chris is the one (maybe not for her but for some lucky girl!)
    Great recap!!!

  3. For some reason, I have missed most of the Bachelorette this time around. Love your recaps. I always know I can get the scoop on Tuesdays!

  4. Good luck Chris L. and Roberto!!!! actually I like Kirk too just not quite as much. but Frank...i'm soooo ready for you to go! as for Vienna vs. Jake...I bought Vienna's side a little more then Jakes, but wow that was alot of drama which as immature as it is makes for some GOOD TV watching! :)

  5. I'm laughing right now at the "we need to apologize to our neighbors" line! Ditto here! Their fight was a train wreck that I couldn't stop watching. I wasn't a Jake fan, at all, but after watching that I am very decidedly AGAINST him. I wasn't a Vienna fan either, at all, but have decidedly LESS animosity towards her after that mess.

    I'm still watching for Roberto, too. And I won't even pretend it's for anything else. He's soooo my #2 if Hubs up and leaves/gets kicked out. Just gotta find a way to contact him. If he's not chosen by Ali, do you think they'll select him to be the next bachelor???? I would give up Monday night football (the first half anyway) to watch him.

  6. I love your re-caps! I am still not sure who is my favorite...Roberto of course in the looks department but Kirk is just so darn cute....and I and not really a fan of blonds! I will be interesting to see what drama Frank has in store for us next week...poor thing is still hung up on an old girlfriend from what I hear....boo hoo...go home!

  7. Hahahahaha... I just came over from Tooje's!! And can I tell you how happy I am to have found another Bach watcher?? I was DYING during the Jake/Vienna thing, but I am so completely over them now. Both of them seemed so wrong to me... but I couldn't peel my eyes away either!

    And poly-a-graph... I couldn't stop laughing!! :)


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