Bachelorette Re-Cap {watching with the girls}!

I'm at a friend's house watching
and blogging with a bunch of girls....and one guy (not gay)!

Here are our thoughts....

Ohhh...Roberto is up first!!

Guy: already recognized the coordinated plaid shirts.
So they say that Ali used to watch Roberto play in his college days although they hadn't really officially met.

S: wasn't too hot on Roberto....until he came out in his baseball uniform.
A man in uniform....HOT.

Yes, Ali, you WOULD be marrying up!
I think Roberto is going to be her final pick.

Roberto's family is sweet.
Loved the emotion from his dad.

Dare I say right now...Roberto's family is my favorite!

Poor Ali...bad extensions, bad hair color and bad bronzer on her cheeks.

Next up, the very funny, Cape Cod.

Oh Ali, please don't run into the ocean and ruin those boots too.
They do look like they could make a great little family...with Jenny the dog.

The rocking chair scene was really cute.
Love him!

"Love is the only Reality"
He's a keeper!
Chris L.'s fam is now my favorite.

Us girls are kinda thinking both of these boys might just be too good for her.
She's a little too selfish for our hometown boy.

Chris, I'm a little worried that if the camera's weren't rolling
she wouldn't have played on the beach in the rain.

Best quote of the night goes to Chris L. again -
"I don't want her to pick me...I want her to fall for me."

I'm needing some good make-out time up on the tower.
But Chris, please don't swallow her whole lower lip and chin.

The walk of horror into the basement of Kirk's dad's house.
Was that just a stuffed squirrel holding a fake raspberry?

Unfortunately, I'm bored with Kirk's family so far.
Kirk, please don't drop her...it's not a good sign.
My first husband dropped me on my head when he went in for the swoop to pick me up....in a parking lot!

Oh, Grandmas always make it interesting.
But I just don't think she is that into you.

I'm so done with Frank.
He's gay...he just doesn't know it yet.
Ya Frank you do lack confidence....
it's pathetic.

I love the roses on her cocktail party dress.
Looks great with the Wet'n'Wild lip gloss!

Thank you! Chris has on a suit and dress shoes!
Dare I say, again, that I believe her tears are a bit for real.

While I have thought that Kirk was the most immature of the group,
Kirk is handling it like a man.

Ali, if you are going to be dramatic and cry
at least wear waterproof mascara.

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  1. LOVE Chris, perfect for someone (but maybe not her). I'm with you - would she really be so playful on the beach if the cameras were off? I think not! She'd make a run for Boston and hopefully Sephora, to touch up those roots. For goodness sake, is there no downtime to fix those? Roberto is super cute but I don't see the fit. Frank is getting weirder every minute. He's funny and cute but something is "off" and we'll see what next week. Great recap, by the way - as always, April!

  2. Thanks for the update! I'm in a far off land and they don't show the bachelorette here. I'm still going to watch it when I get home, but at least I have your update to bridge the gap until I get home.

  3. I love Chris L. What a great guy! And I'm so over Frank too...he gets on my nerves with his negativity.

    Kirk, bye bye!

    I'm on the fence with Roberto, only because I like Chris L. so much though! LOL!


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