The Bachelorette Re-Cap - The Men Tell All.

What the heck is Kasey going to do.
Previews make you think something crazy!

Oh...unseen moments. Yay!

Roberto - hahaha...the champagne...he looks so cute.

before, after, such as beyond past, present and victorous ant to drink now and forever....
oh...I'm so glad that toast was a joke!

Ali - you must have been drunk hunny.
Not remembering putting on an astronaut helmut.
Yup...she is slurring.

Chris N. - who?
The phantom!
Love Chris L.'s take on him.

Now on to the Men Tell All!

Chris N. looks ORANGE.
Loved his shirt.

Casey calling Justin creepy is well...just creepy.

Jesse....is looking HOT!
I love the short short buzz.

Did you hear Ty is getting a record deal in Nashville?
I read it online.

Craig R. (the lawyer) is a good guy.

Oh Kasey...please don't say GAPYH anymore. PLEASE.
You've just said it five more times.

Kirk is a cutie, but he seems young.
But mature all at the same time.
Kirk, you have a broken heart....
I know someone who will guard and protect it!

Craig R.....best description of Rated-R.
bleep, bleepity, bleep, bleep.

I'm so over Justin.
Can we please move on.
I'm kind of bored with this Men Tell All.

Ali must tell her stylist...I want it 'messy'!
Who has she been cuddling with backstage.
Really...her hair is a HOT MESS.

Oh...here goes Kasey
hahaha....his singing stinks.
But is hilarious.
Phew...at least he still wasn't living in lala land
and was going to propose to her.

The Weatherman is even stiff when he dances.
Love Chris L. making Craig R. pee his pants
and then Craig R.'s mumbling was fantastic.
I watched it a second time.

Yay for Bachelor Pad!
Can't wait.

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  1. I really must be the only one who likes Ali's hair messy like that. LOL Could be because my hair is so hard to tame with its wave/curl and part straight look. And frizz. Can't forget the frizz.

    This Tell All made me like Craig R better, Kasey was really funny and I liked that he could laugh at himself, and Kirk did seem young yet mature at the same time. I think that's his best quality. The mixture of the two.

    The outtakes of the men messing around in the house is really always the funniest stuff. It's silly how much men don't mature from high school to grown men. :)

    I'm excited for The Pad too - trashy TV at its best!

  2. Thanks again for the recap. Comcast failed me last night and our signal was far from perfect, so I only caught every 10th word and the picture was mostly scrambled. Your recap helped me fill in the blanks! I agree with Tooje, can't wait for the Bachelor Pad and I like Craig R better too!

  3. You MUST do the Bachelor Pad recap.

    Love Craig R now - such a good guy and smart. Love Chris, just hope Ali does too. Yes, Roberto is a hottie but Chris is THE keeper.

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  5. I agree with most of your thoughts except for your thoughts on Craig R. I just can't respect any man that calls another man an a**hole. Even if Justin is an a**hole, no one deserves to be slaughtered on a national platform... even Justin.
    As much as Kasey makes my skin crawl every time he says GAPYH, the song was funny and I was relieved it rhymed this time.
    I felt bad for the weatherman too. They started ganging up on him. Poor guy. That made me feel uncomfortable.
    Also, the Chris L making Craig R pee his pants was hilarious. Rob had to come down and see what was making me laugh so hard. Watched it 3x.
    The toast given by Franks dad was so hilarious. My favorite part of the show by far.


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