The second question my bride left me to answer is near and dear to my heart. She asked "How does it feel to work all day and come home to no dinner planned by your wife who is home most of the day". I can't believe that she tee'd herself up for a nine iron. Are you kidding me? I love to to come home tired, dirty, and sunburned to find my girlfriend at local pizza joint is going to make me dinner......AGAIN! The only thing that would make it better is when the kids are whining and crying that they are starving and my special someone is engrossed in her own world(that's right she is checking our your blog to see how fantastic your day was or what crafty project was created out of a toilet paper tube, a vintage thrift store treasure , and one hot new spray paint color found in hubbies paint cabinet) in the mean while I get grumpy and the kids continue to whine, and still no dinner. So I say GET A JOB!!!!!!!!! Just because you make "super cute aprons" does not make you Julia Child. Now before you condemn me she asked the question, and now you have the answer. That was the hungry side if me. When I am well fed by my bride or others I think of all the great things that Ape does during the day for my children and myself. The list could get rather lengthy so if you know her, you know what she does day in and day out without much fan fair. Not cooking dinner allows her to serve other people who need her more than I do. And that my friend is why after almost 16 years I don't really mind that when she does cook, it's a monumental feat and the kids and I can't eat anything until she takes a PHOTO! You know, just for the blog. What a beautiful meal you have made.......boiled noodles and crappy sauce out of a jar, mixed together just like the lunch lady used to make it. It doesn't get any better than that boy's and she's mine for eternity!


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  1. funny funny....I even read it to Matt! I don't take pictures but don't feel bad, your not the only one, as last night it was frozen ravoli's boiled with some crappy off brand sauce at our home. I guess that means I deserved the horrible heartburn I experienced afterwards...

  2. You just made me feel very bad for my hubby. Thanks a lot. I had every intention of preparing dinner this week, but did not do it. Not once. This was my first week home on maternity leave and I had plenty of time...I truly did. I should have cooked...instead we ate burgers, pizza, tacos....oops.

    Okay, next week. I will redeem myself.

  3. Nothing like a little "low blood sugar" to spark some truthful answers....lol.


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