SF Yard Sale Finds.....

The fan is a Vornado and truly feels like a tornado going through the house!
I got two of the teacup sets and birthday number candles 0 -9!
And, the red + white bakers twine -- only $10 for a brand new spool.
I would say the trip was worth it just for the spool -- I had been looking everywhere local for it.

This little metal cash register has all working parts!
I envision many lemonade stands this summer using this little beauty.
She was $10 and has already entertained Blake for over an hour.
You know when you go to a yard sale and everyone is asking about a certain item and the owner says 'It SOLD'? Well that is what happened with this pretty little table. I walked right in, spotted it, asked how much and said "I'll take it!" The next 30 minutes while I walked around collecting my other treasures EVERYONE wanted the table. I couldn't help but smile. It was MINE!
So worth the trip to SF on my birthday for a Yard Sale!
Rumor has it {well Jordan was talking about it while I was still there}.....that they want to have another one in a couple of months with lots more items.
Want to come with me?

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  1. OH...that little yellow table is adorable!! match it with a red chair and an aqua chair I am thinking....and the fan, I almost bought one very similar at jackies last week but I know my kids would be sticking fingers in it or pencils or something and with the old metal blades I am not wanting to make a trip to the ER for a mangled finger!!

  2. I love this stuff you found. What great yard sales YOU'VE been hitting. Not much around here. But, I did see a lot of that fabulous Target stuff we loved in the Spring up to 75% off now. So cute - hurry!!!

  3. What great finds!!! I love the spool of twine and the table is.to.die.for.

  4. I totally want to go with you the next time you go!!! That sounds like so much fun.william1

  5. I'll take the table, the fan and the cash register, please. Love them!

  6. I want to GO!! Can I borrow that cute little cash register with a kids apron for a shoot??? My mind is spinning!


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