Random Thoughts + Updates.

The FVK Studio is coming right along. Isn't she looking good? I have started interior space planning. It is going to be tight, but serve a great purpose.

I bought mustard color spray paint to possibly change the color of the newly painted orange picture frames in my hallway. Can't decide yet though. Maybe I will paint one, post a picture and take a poll and let you all help me decide.

Spent the day with Jason yesterday. He is having incredible difficulty communicating again. It makes it so hard and is so heart wrenching. I just want to understand what he is needing or wanting and when he tries so hard and we can't figure it out he just closes his eyes and gives up. I can't blame him. I want his sense of humor back....for all of us. He is eating a lot of orange jello with marshmallows, cool whip and mandarin oranges. Every time I call it pudding....he corrects me! He somehow speaks up then and says "Jello...not pudding!"

Loved Glee last night! Loved it. Laughed out loud.

Can't wait to watch the season finale of 9 by Design with Dave tonight. We DVR'd it. If you haven't watched this crazy design family yet on Bravo you are missing out. It just clicks with Dave and I...being that we work together day in and day out just like Bob and Courtney do. We sat down last week and each night watched an episode together. We came up with random names of what we could have named our children and decided that if this next baby ever decides to come, it's name should be Three! Their kids names are Wolfie, Tallulah, Bellamy, Breaker, Five, Holly (a boy) + Major. Before you judge.....watch them. You will love them. And if you are like me, you will find yourself wanting to yell BREAKER all day long. The only problem with that is...1) I don't have a son named Breaker to be calling for all day long and 2) my house isn't five stories...so yelling through the house to call my kids isn't that necessary. My birthday is Saturday. I have asked for their design book....Downtown Chic!

And speaking of my birthday on Saturday, Dave and the kids have a surprise planned and told me not to book anything for that evening. That made me feel so special that they have a plan. They have no idea how great that makes a mommy feel!

On that note....I'll sign off for now. But I'm sure as soon as I click 'post' I'll think of a million more thoughts!

Happy Hump Day! In true Will fashion....(had to watch Glee last night)!

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  1. Your studio is looking good! I'd like to see how you are going to stay organized with all your supplies, etc.

  2. I thought I was the only one that watched 9 by Design. I love that show. I just finished watching the finale and so sad that it ended. Sorry to hear that Jason is not doing well again. So sad. Can't wait to hear what Dave and the kids do for your birthday.


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