My bride asked me to be her guest blogger for a few days but.......she left me a few questions to answer. She wanted to make sure that I didn't scare off her blogging friends so that is why she left the questions. My first question from her is "how have you developed such a close relationship with your pre-teen daughter"? I can't take all of the credit, I have had some great instruction from my bride and also some great examples way before Kaia was even born. I had the privilege of watching Jim V. interact with his teen daughters. He goofed around with them, listened to them, he pushed them to succeed, and above all loved them. When Kaia was born I was very worried about how I would relate to her especially as a teen. My biggest fear was that we wouldn't have much in common. But we do, she loves music and so do I. She shares my love for the ocean. I could make a huge list of common interests but that would be way off track.

We are close because I have put myself way outside my comfort zone. We have talked about things from how babies are made to girl drama at school. After health class we checked out WebMD.com to prove that herpes is forever. I hold her hand at Target and chat with her on the phone. We text......all of the time. Daddy daughter date night is very important for both of us. It gives us the opportunity to relax together. Sometimes we will just grab a bite to eat or hit the movies. Even shopping at the market for groceries. After working at it for 12+ years most things are not uncomfortable but enjoyable.

In the spirit of "keeping it real" we have had some knock out drag out fights. There is yelling and screaming, door slamming and stomping. I have on more than one occasion been told "you have ruined my life".

So that's it in a nutshell. And for the record Kaia, NOFX is way better than Taylor Swift. That's how we roll.


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  1. Dave, no idea as Ella is only 5! However, I am looking forward to reading replies to store away in my memory bank for the future.

    Might I add, you are an AWESOME blogger, I am SUPER SUPER impressed!

    Each kid is different in there own personalities and quirks and Kaia being the "oldest" is your guinea pig in parenting. I myself was my parents "pet project" which may explain a lot (LOL). My younger siblings had a much easier time than I did as my parents were a bit more "laxed" when it came time for them in there teens. Your doing a great job! I don't ever remember a time where my dad held my hand, or having a date night with him, or talked to me about "girl" issues. The first time I really recall my dad telling me he loved me, I was 23 years old. Times were different, and generations parent in such different ways. My dad was/is a good dad (more opinionated as he gets older and at times I still feel like that little kid) but growing up I guess I never felt like he was also my "friend" as well as my "parent", and truthfully at times I still feel that way at "40". I perhaps wish he and I had, had a relationship as a teen that you are working on with Kaia. I enjoyed reading your posting this morning. Good job Dad!

    One more thing, that metal door thing is still on my porch, do I need to toss it?

  2. That is so awesome to hear and it's the same way I feel about my teen boys. I hug them, wrestle with them, yell at them when needed and talk about the "uncomfortable" stuff my parents never did. I know it has made us a close as we are. Good job Daddy Dave.

  3. great first guest post! I find it super sweet that you call April, "your bride"... Can't wait to read the other questions!

  4. I've always enjoyed April's stories about you and Kaia....now that we just had our first and ONLY baby girl, I am anxious to watch her relationship develop with my husband. He's terrific with our boys....they love him. Too much, sometimes, and I get jealous. I just hope she spreads her love evenly between him and myself. :)


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