Pogo Stick Show.

I remember being Kaia's age and spending countless hours in our carport on my very own Pogo Stick. Pogoing until I couldn't Pogo anymore trying to beat the World Record. Kaia did over 200 consecutive jumps during her part of the show. Plus her 'no-hander' in the top picture.

Blake was up next and he Pogo'd over 60 consecutive jumps. Absolutely amazing! When he first started learning the Pogo Stick, the insides of his knees were so bruised that he was questioned at school what the bruises were from. Good thing he isn't shy and responded with a "I don't know". Instead he told his aid all about his Pogo Stick and what tricks he can do on it!

And, here is who the Pogo Stick Show was for. My brother. He is actually looking pretty good isn't he?! I love how he took Blake in his hand. There is such tenderness between the two of them. I also love that he smiled for the pictures. {I snapped the first one of him and Blake without any warning to smile because I wanted to capture it just as it was!}

Have you tried Pogo'ing after 30? I'm too scared. Something about both of my feet off the ground and a stick stuck between my legs and my hands not free....oh the fear of losing my balance and falling scares me. Maybe with Dave's help I would try but I'm pretty sure my weight would make the Pogo stick go to the floor with no spring action left!!

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  1. oh my word april....when i scrolled down and saw that picture of blake and jason, it literally took my breath away and happy tears welled in my eyes. that picture tugs at my heart....i am sure that blake will treasure that picture for the rest of his life. and no, i don't think i would even think about attempting a pogo stick!!! i'd end up in the emergency room :-) have a wonderful, beautiful weekend....

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun evening and Jason does look good! Lots of hugs are being sent to your and your family... xxx

  3. I did recently get on my old pogo ball that i found in my parent's garage... apparently i weigh a lot more than I did back then because I broke it! =(

    Mama Monster

  4. That picture of Blake & Jason....precious & priceless!

  5. How fun that your family was Pogoing and mine was as well! My dad purchased one at a garage sale and just last weekend, on Father's Day, we were at his house and the boys were trying it out. :)

    I'm happy to see our youth being brought to the kids today. We had a lot of fun, and it didn't involve any hand held device most of the time. Unless you count that Atari joystick occasionally. :)


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