Lots in My Head Today....

{Blake sleeps with this stuffed animal ON his head at night!}

I'm continuing to clean out my closets + garage for my garage sale on Saturday. I'm committed now. Need to go put an ad in the paper today. Already made $90 today from a friend stopping by. Tackling the garage today. Picture of 'before' coming soon. Consider yourself warned. It is a disaster. Just had trouble spelling disaster....hate when that happens. Like my mind goes blank.

We have decided if I do ever get pregnant again (oh forgot to tell you, dammit happened at Girls Camp) that the baby will share a room with one of the kids and that instead of turning the garage into a bedroom to give each kid their own room, we would use the garage for an extra TV, play room and hang-out room. So might as well start cleaning it out now. Even the baby doesn't ever come, an extra space would be nice. Our house is only 1300 square feet. As the kids get bigger, the house starts to feel smaller.

Jason came over last night with my dad. We wanted him to hang out in our backyard with us for awhile while Dave and my dad worked on my FVK studio. Making progress slowly but surely. He wasn't ready to leave at 9:15 pm, but we were all ready for bed! I took a week to go to Girls Camp and now I can't understand anything he is saying. I used to be good at that. Last night I had to have him write down most things. We did play a few games with him that he thought of and then the kids put on a "Pogo Stick Show" for all of us. Kaia has mastered a 'no hand' trick and Blake does a 'one-hand' trick.

Zoe just farted while I was typing this post. Really....why do dogs smell soooo bad.? She almost kicked me out of my own office.

Blake has been acting like such a big boy since going to Cub Scout Camp. He does best when hanging out with friends. He really needs a playmate every day. He thrives with having someone to play with. We should have had another baby right after him, but I couldn't stop crying long enough to realize back then that he was going to be such a healthy, active kid. Darn those doctors who painted such a gloomy picture of what his life was supposed to be like.

Dave and I have been working really well together on our business. Some days it is just a fight all day long. But lately we both have the same goal in mind and are pulling together as a team. You know it is bad when you sit down for dinner as a family and the kids beg us not to talk 'business' because they know it will end up in a fight. Maybe our rule of 'no business after 6pm' is helping. House Rules seem to be working well in our house these days. We are both still working on being the best we can be for each other too. I think that is helping out with our business relationship too!

Since Camp, I have been thinking a lot about who I am. Who I really am. Talk came up about my name, April, while at Camp. Friends said that the name fitted me perfectly. I have been pondering ME lately and have much improvement I need to make. My intentions are great, my follow-through stinks. I struggle every day finding time for personal scripture study and personal prayer. I think about it often, but it is usually when I am right in the middle of doing something else. I need to start acting on those promptings immediately so that I am successful.

I want a fire pit in my backyard for late night family fun and I need a Roomba for all my hardwood floors. I could go on and on about everything in my head but Zoe just farted again...so I'm out of here!

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about extra room. We find ourselves in the same situation...too many people in too small of a house! What time is your garage sale on Sat? Selling any FVK stuff?

  2. Have any good props that I would love?? Let me know before and I will stop by! :)

  3. I used to think I was good at follow-through, but am starting to realize that I'm not. At all. Oh, at work I'm great. Here at home? Not so much. I took a teeny step towards it today by working with the kids on some educational stuff rather than letting them zone out to the TV, but I took steps backward when it came to understanding who Owen really is and finding a calm and peace in dealing with his behavioral difficulties.

    Every day is a trial, I've learned.

    Watching the kids share a room is actually pretty entertaining. Listening to the bedtime giggles when they're not supposed to be talking is entertaining. Listening to them fight over space, toys, or space encroachment NOT so entertaining. :)

  4. Dammit happened to me today, glad I'm not alone in this! The wanting a little one is killing me!


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