Last Day of School = Teachers Gifts.

Dressed up metal drink caddys from Target.

I don't always have time to make something completely from scratch but I do have time to put together some pretty things and make a handmade card and attach a pretty ribbon to let our teachers know just how much they mean to us. Teachers are very important people to our family. They spend more time with my children some days than I do. It's important they know how much our family appreciates them. We shared some of our family favorites with our teachers to help them celebrate the start of summer vacation. The teachers loved them.

Two bottles of our favorite sparkling lemonade, 1 bottle of flavored Italian syrup and a tied hand bouquet of flowers wrapped in newspaper made up the perfect gifts for two special ladies in our life this past school year.

It's been a good year. Kaia and Blake have both had some bumpy days - recently in the last few days. One has been a victim (somewhat unintentionally) and one has inflicted pain that resulted in a victim (again somewhat unintentionally) but it happened and I've dealt with both. Both very emotional. Both involving school principals and/or vice-principals. Not the best way to end the school year, but positive lessons learned all the way around.

My only beef left with one school is how the Vice-Principal dealt with Kaia's situation. The VP told Kaia that what she did was mean-spirited (not exactly the best words to explain what happened) and then went on to tell her that the VP believed in karma and what goes around comes around and Kaia will get hers. Dave and I were furious and shocked. We couldn't believe an adult in this teaching capacity with middle school children no less, would use such teaching methods.

What an opportunity that VP missed to teach a child about compassion, empathy, and the old adage 'do unto others' instead of 'an eye for an eye'.

We handled the situation very differently here at our house. While there was no excuse for what our child did (AND...I have never claimed that 'my child' wouldn't be 'that child' -- because I knew it could happen sooner than later), we taught the lesson in the way described above. We also told our child that forgiveness was available and that a heartfelt "I'm sorry" could be accepted and a friendship mended. And, it was.

So there ends our school year. It has been a bumpy road at times, but we have also been so blessed with some very amazing and kind teachers. And, we wanted them to know just how special they were. So we told them so....in the note attached to the drink caddys!

We are looking forward to summer vacation. I have lots planned to keep us from being too lazy and watching TV all day.....now let's see if we can actually put that plan into action without feeling 'too busy' all summer too!!

I'm linking this post up with the very sweet Cindy from Skip to My Lou for Teacher Appreciation Month!

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  1. What precious gifts! And what a shame that VP didn't use the situation to teach the best lesson! I would have been furious about the way it was handled too! But I'm sure your girl knew that the lessons y'all taught at home were the most important ones to live by!

  2. I enjoy your blog. I appreciate your honesty and perspective. It's is refreshing to know/see that our next generation is learning the ever important lessons "the old fashion way." I have told my children, when they have hurt other's feelings, that all you can do is apologize - and not make excuses or try to lay the blame elsewhere.

  3. I love - love - love these baskets. So pretty and vintage inspired. You are the best. Love how honest your blog is and how you open up to us. You're real and I bet you are a great friend.

  4. Sometimes the adults put in "teaching capacities" fail to remember one thing - the instances that occur are sometimes only a bleep of their life. One time. One mistake. Trying to teach a lesson is always the way to go...but unfortunately some use that impression as their TOTAL impression of children...to the detriment of the kids and society as a whole...if I can get on a "box" for a moment. :)

    I really need to get myself motivated to do some fun stuff with my boys over the next few days. I don't want them hanging here this week being completely bored out of their minds. Poor things.


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