Girls Camp!

I'm spending this week in the woods.

Near the rugged northwestern Coast.

With 100 girls ages 12 -18.

{Kaia is one of those girls!}

Laughing and in charge of crafting.

With no internet or cell phone use.

So here are a few pictures of where......

I'll be hanging out.

With massive Redwood trees.

That are 2400 years old!

I'll be crossing this suspension bridge with these two crazy ladies
probably more times than we really want to.

And, 6 of us ladies will be sleeping in here.
Close to the kitchen, the toilets/showers + the craft shack!

I have left Dave with three questions to answer this week as a guest blogger. He said he needed directions on how to post! We will see if he figures it out. Wanna know the questions? Well, sorry, you will just have to wait and read! Let's keep our fingers crossed that my guest blogger comes through.
I'll be back next week with a full report + pictures of the crafts that we did.

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  1. Have fun Brave Woman! Shelby refuses to go to anymore girl scout camps...she said "I am a little too girly for all that dirt."

  2. Oh this looks like fun!! And the cottage looks so cozy!! Hope you two have fun!!
    ~Molly P

  3. Have fun! The stuff that memories are made of (and I bet you do some pretty cool crafts!)

  4. Our high school youth group went to camp here. I had a mad crush on a boy named Manuel Baldenegro and when he (playfully) pushed me into the river, I wanted to die, DIE! of happiness. Ahhhh memories.
    Enjoy your stay.

  5. I hope you all have a great time. It reminds me of 4-H camp in the 70s. Wonderful memories.

    Looking forward to seeing what Dave and Blake come up with as guest bloggers. :) Modeling aprons...wearing bobby pins...hmmm.

  6. So if all the women sleep together in a cabin....do the girls get to sleep in cabins together unsupervised all night? :)

    Guest blogger, how cool. My hubs would never do this for me...I've asked.


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