Girls Camp Goodness.

New Camp Location this year = AWESOME
Loved by all girls.
We were so fortunate to be there when the new sign names were hung
and the grounds were dedicated.

Located in the beautiful redwoods 9 miles in from the Coast.

Our 2010 Young Woman Camp Value was 'Virtue'.

Our Camp Theme.....'For Once Upon a Time Such as This'.

Taken from this talk.

Names of the units -

Unit 1 "Thumbelina"

Unit 2 "Hansel + Gretel"

Unit 3 "Little Red Riding Hood"

Unit 4 "The Princess + The Pea"

High Adventure "High Adventure in Adventureland"

YCLs "Alice in Wonderland"

Our Craft Shack Theme "Be Loyal to the Royal Within You"

Pictures in no particular order...

One of the girls' favorite crafts.
Washer necklaces.
3 different sized washers purchased at a hardware store.
All different kinds of scrapbook paper traced and cut to fit.
Adhered with Mod Podge.
And attached to dark brown hemp in a slip knot fashion.
Little brass metal tag stamped with the girl's initial.
Some girls did some really cute variations like bracelets and braiding of the hemp.

Random camp pictures.
Pres. Kevin Frye crafted with us. He told us his wife likes really big diamond rings....we found him a really big pearl like button....closest thing we could find. He was fun to have there!
Kaia got 5 mosquito bites on her face.
Stephanie Graham dressed as the crazy sister with little hands for a skit at campfire!
Kaia worked on and won a quilt at campfire.
Carla and I decorated the doorway into our cabin that we slept in.
Our view from the craft shack of the swimming hole. Very popular spot this year for not only the girls but all the men helping at girls camp too!
Kaia with one of her best camp buddies Faith.

Carla and I (well only me cuz Carla is 8 months pregnant) spray painted a piece of metal that had a funky painting of a fairy on it from the previous YMCA camp guests at the craft shack with Chalkboard Spray Paint. Huge hit with the girls. Best quote on there..."Once you try crafts, you can't go back!"

One of the crafts this year was putting together a Mad Libs book relating to girls camp. They were so cute and the girls really had fun with them....once we talked them into doing them!

Our craft sample board. We brought back Vintage Button Rings and Matchbook Love again this year and both were big hits again. The girls want rings again next year too as well as the washer necklaces and also friendship bracelets. Hope we are invited back again next year!

The new location came with an amazing open air craft shack. The girls loved all the bright paint colors inside and we decided to just accent those colors with a few decorations for the craft shack. We made pom pom tissue balls and paper pennant style banners that we strung along the ceiling beams.

One other popular craft that we came up for camp was the wall hanging that went along with the camp theme this year. Smooth board cut to size with two holes drilled in. Paint background color. Cut out on Cricut the large crown to use as a stencil. Girls did all kinds of cute variations using this stencil too. Then cut out letters using contact paper on the Cricut and stick on. Attach ribbon or heavy twine and viola.....they were done and sooo cute!

We laughed a LOT last week. A few funnies to share....

A young Youth Camp Leader in complete innocence swung open the door to her cabin and asked one of the quietest Priesthood Leaders at camp....."When are you coming to bed?"
We are pretty sure she was just asking if he was headed to bed, but as ladies we were dying of laughter. Tears streaming down our faces and Carla (8 months pregnant) trying really hard not to pee her pants. My stomach muscles hurt the next day from laughing so hard.

Carla's OB doctor was at camp as a Priesthood Leader too. He was working in the kitchen. He really wanted to pull a camp prank on our sweet Camp Director. He wanted Carla and I to pretend that her water broke in the dining hall and that she was going into labor. Well we decided that it might be too much for the young girls to witness so at the last minute when adults only were in the dining hall I spilt some water on the bench while one of the other male leaders was starting to clean up the tables and benches. Carla left the building and when Brother Cope came to wipe up the spilt water, I told him..."No - don't touch that, we think it might be amniotic fluid...please go get Dr. W from the kitchen. Bro. Cope was worried and hurried to get Dr. W.

Bro. Cope followed Dr. W. back to the bench and what happened next was priceless.

Dr. W. (knowing it was only spilt water) bent over. Touched the water with his finger. Smelled it. And then......touched his finger to his tongue to taste it! And, declared that yes it was amniotic fluid. I thought Brother Cope was going to die!!

Campfires were always funny! I put together a flash mob style dance to the Black Eyed Peas song..."I Gotta Feeling" changing all the words to "I gotta feeling that this camps gonna be a good camp! The flash mob worked and hopefully I will have video to post later this week.

We had a pet bat living in the craft shack. We stayed calm, cool and collected and named him "Hermie". Because of our attitude, the girls loved Hermie instead of being freaked out by a flying/sleeping bat in our craft shack.

I found mouse poop on my comforter the first night we went to bed in our cabin. I laid in bed like a mummy and barely closed my eyes....the WHOLE night. Scared to death. Finally slept decent the third night from shear exhaustion.

The camp theme song "Let Virtue Garnish All My Thoughts Unceasingly" made me want to be a better person in every way. Every night that we sang it, I cried.

And that's it for a camp re-cap for now. I'm sure I will remember lots more funnies. I really love being at camp for a week. The spirit is so strong there and the woman, men and young girls are amazing. Kaia and I miss it already and wish camp was longer. Dave and Blake on the other hand are very glad we are home!

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  1. Sounds fun! I just found those washer necklaces too! So cute! We are going to do them for an enrichment activity. See always just a little behind you with the ideas! :) Miss ya

  2. Looks like a blast! I love the washer neclaces!

  3. Makes me want to go to camp. Sounds like it was a blast!

  4. I am dying at the Dr.W story cause he is my OB and I would never see him as a prankster!! He is always so reserved and rather quiet...although I only see him on visits and if while I was scooting down towards the end of the table while my legs in stir-ups and he was cracking jokes I can see where that might be uncomfortable!! LOL

  5. What a great Dr. W story! I feel like I let you down this year a little bit. I guess the past few years have been a little difficult for me and I'm afraid it showed even though I didn't want it to. I apologize. You guys did a great job in the craft shack and you definitely belong there. Don't worry. I told a certain someone that you love it there and were BORN to do that, so I think you will be back. Hope so. You're really good at it and you're great with the YW. xox

  6. Last year when I read your camp re-cap, I longed for a place like this for my daughters...this year I am doing the same thing!! Sounds like you girls had a great time and I am sure that it was no small feet!

  7. Heather, where do you live? All girls are welcome to our camp - not just girls from our church.

    April's mom

  8. Awww...girls camp ROCKS! I so miss serving in Young Women's as a leader. Your craft shop looked so cool! I'm sure the girls just loved it AND you! Loved this post...

  9. looks like you had a blast. all the crafts turned out cute, sorry i bailed on you! you and carla did great!

  10. You always have such interesting adventures with your children. The memories you are creating will last with them forever....meanwhile, my kids will remember the Wii more than me, at this point. I just can't figure out what to do with an infant, 2 year old, and 6 year old in 100 degree heat!

  11. junice!! Steph is so funny. looks like fun. I just got back from Girl's camp too. LOVED IT.

  12. HI!! I just wanted to know how u did ur mad libs for camp? IS there a draft of it that you can send me by email?


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