Dave's Big Winner!

He says 'He Goes Big'....so the winner is getting three items from the great garage clean-out {that hasn't quite happened yet}! But a garage sale is in the works for this Saturday so we are working on it. If you are local, swing by and say 'hi'. We would love to see you. Now, on with the winner.....

Random.org picked lucky number


Lyndsay, you won! Dave even clicked 'generate' to pick the winning number. Hope you enjoy the items. Lucky for you I limited his items from the garage for the giveaway. He was serious about cleaning out the garage....he was contemplating also throwing in an old clutch cable, used dirt bike boots and a handful of skate stickers. I will have to take a before and after picture of the garage in the next few days. Seriously, our garage clean-outs are the talk of the neighborhood.

And, Dave really wants to do a post on music but he thinks no one will be interested. I told him to trust me...if you write it, they will come! Did I mention he did start a new blog a few weeks ago, just hasn't posted anything yet. I think he has the bug. I will keep you informed! It might be fun to post something on the same topic on the same day and see our different views...might have to give it a try when he is really up and running.

Coming later this evening, or tomorrow morning, my overdue Bachelorette re-cap from last week and last night. Still have to watch last night's episode. Can't wait!!

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  1. Oh YAY! I've never won anything!! Thanks so much.

    Tell him if he needs a blog design, I know where he can find one. ;)

  2. Congrats to the winner! (Dave, work on those picking skills, would ya?)

  3. How fun.... I am so behind on my reading that I JUST read all of his posts tonight! You guys are amazing :)


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