While us girls were off playing at Girls Camp, and Dave was off working hard for our family, Blake had the opportunity to go to his very first year of Cub Scout Camp! His Grandma Toni volunteered to be a leader for the week and I think the two of them had lots of fun. Thank you Grandma Toni!!

When I got home from Girls Camp the first thing I was met with was flying marshmallows. Blake was spitting them at me through his PVC Marshmallow Gun he made while at Camp. Here are some other things he did at camp.....

Skits.....which he re-enacted for me at home!

BB Gun Shooting.

Blake earned his first badge in BB Guns. He scored a 42 and only needed a 35!

Painting his Home Depot Soccer game.

Hanging out with the other Cub Scouts wearing his daddy's hat from his Air Force Days.

The theme this year was 'Cubstruction' so they decorated a picture frame with all kinds of construction material.
Blake had a fantastic time and couldn't stop talking about it all weekend long! Can you believe my little guy turns 8 in nine days. Uuuugh.

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  1. Love that you posted about cub Scout camp...It's nice to see the pics. All Teagan has talked about are the BB guns and the Bow and Arrows. Love the marshmallow gun.....the things that boys love.

    When will Blake be baptized? Teagan turns 8 on the 31st of July. He thinks he should get baptized on August 1st. 8 is great!

  2. So glad he had a good time! Great pics, and I'm sure he had so much fun telling you all about his adventures!

  3. Blake sure looks like he enjoyed camp! What a great experience for him!!!

  4. I swear I thought he was six...but maybe that's when I started reading your blog...maybe he was six then. And in my mind, he hasn't aged. Or shouldn't, anyhow. :( Our babies. Not babies.


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