Bachelorette: She + He Review!

Here are my thoughts! F.Y.I. Dave is watching with me.

Yay....Roberto is still hot. Yummy white t-shirt and basketball shorts. Kiss on the wire....a little cheesy, but it worked. Would have been better , even more romantic, if he just waited though, imo. Now we know why Ali's hair is messy all the time. She loves to cuddle. And, I was just going to mention that her hair finally looked cute on her dinner date. Perfect curls, no mess. Then messy again during her little date re-cap. Note to self, Ali -Look in the mirror sweetie after cuddle time, which seems to be all the time.

The Weatherman is too much of a nervous nelly for me. And none of those guys could dance. Really. Ali actually looked cute out there listening to Bare Naked Ladies.

Chris L.'s comment "That never gets old!" (watching Ali slap Frank) was classic.

Poor John C. He looked so confused and disappointed...like really...that was my scene!

The Weatherman looked constipated while waiting for his scene. For real. He cried.

Chris L. has another good comment. All the firsts that The Weatherman had...including "First Kiss EVER!" Loving Chris L. If he has the girlfriend...I will scream.

I'm kinda glad that Chris L.'s scene didn't include a scripted kiss. That will make it so much more romantic when it does happen.

Was Frank the only one that stayed to watch the rolling in bed make-out sesh with Kirk? Awkward.

Hey Weatherman....(or as Dave calls him Captain Constipation)....you talk too much. The lean in and whisper is really awkward too. Chances are...you aren't getting the rose on the group date.

Yup, I was right....Kirk wins.

Dave says - 'the weatherman needs a suppository.'

One word for Justin - SWEETHEART. So glad Ali drove him home at the end.

Not sure there is any chemistry with Hunter. Actually kind of bored with his date. I find myself admiring my new Ikea TV unit. Can't wait to show you pics!

I might be grossed out if they kiss. Did he just say "you look pretty baby" in a bad accent. Yup...I was right....no chemistry. She avoided a kiss at all cost.

Hunter, bye-bye 'darling'.

The boys are worse than the girls during the rose ceremony cocktail hour. Didn't know guys were capable of such drama.

Sometimes a boy just needs a good cry. Hmmm...I guess they call that 'sensitive'. I feel bad for Justin. What aren't we seeing what the boys are seeing. I don't see two-faced at all. Just me though.

Rose time. I'm predicting Chris N and Steve.

Chris L. - way to go on the first rose of the ceremony!

Jesse- lose the denim on denim.

Chris N. - Really. Even Dave said 'really?'

You know the last rose is going to Justin just for Reality TV Drama!

I'm surprised Chris N. over John C. And Steve, don't ever refer to your hands as fragile EVER again. Women want man-ly hands.

Chris L.....please catch that mouse!

Your thoughts?

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  1. I didn't get a chance to watch much, just the last 20 minutes or so. One question - WHY in the world do the guys dislike Justin so much???? In the previous episodes, I hadn't seen him do much in the way of being SOOOOOO unlikeable. Maybe that's editing, but right now they're all coming off as douchebags to me.
    Happy Tuesday.

  2. I'm thinking there might be some editing going on too. When Hunter left he was overly cocky and just wouldn't let it go....I wonder if he is like that about everything and they just aren't showing it. Only showing his sweet side, because all we have seen is sweet.

    Ali said it best....He is the male version of Vienna. Even a tad immature maybe. Still like him though....but not as much as I am liking Chris L. + Roberto.

  3. I don't understand why Ali is keeping the weatherman around. He's completely awkward and they have zero chemistry. Perhaps she's keeping him around because he is a tattle tale?

    So maybe I hate surprises and I read the spoilers to find out who has the girlfriend. I can't wait for that episode to air!!

  4. I love this. You are hilarious and I mean HILARIOUS! I so agree with you regarding Jessie and the Denim on Denim and the Weatherman, oh, so AWKWARD!!! Stop talking....now! Very cheesy kiss on the wire but ROBERTO has got it but the upcoming scenes of the season look like he could be the Ali of this Season. He doesn't appear to be too into her...

  5. I lose respect for any of the guys who participate in the bashing of Justin or any other man in that house. The worse they are at it, the more I dislike the guy and hope they leave. As much as I liked Roberto, he said a few words in the bashing too. Not good imo.
    As for Justin, I am wondering the same things. I had the same thoughts as you did. Maybe they aren't showing bits that would change my opinion of him. As much as I hated his cocky-ness last night, it was pretty funny. I think he deserves to act that way since he has an entire fraternity of guys bashing him. He made a sweet move by crutching it up to her place. Not sure what to think of him yet but I am glad Ali is keeping him around.

  6. Weatherman needs to go. I feel like twitching while watching him, he makes me uncomfortable.

    Did Ali actually say Justin was the male Vienna? That's exactly what I thinking. I haven't quite seen why they hate him so, but there's got to be a reason. He did annoy me a bit while he was like, "Oh yeah, it would be great to go to her house," and would turn his head and snerk. I think I'm going to stick to thinking that he's scummy. I'm going to believe what 10 guys say vs. 1.

    Chris L. and Roberto remain my favs! Kirk stepped it up this episode too, I hadn't seen him as cute before and now he's getting there.

  7. Love you take on it all! I agree with all of it!

  8. Totally LOVING Chris L. and Roberto! I hope they make it to final two, then really she can't lose! Frank was originally my #1, but with his inability to share (which is totally normal in a normal dating scenario!) I think he is going to start pulling away out of self protection.

    Weatherman is uncomfortably awkward. Really needs to go pronto (if not for the sake of his reputation!)

    Hunters date was really uncomfortable. I think he was just trying too hard which ended in a really bad downward spiral. Poor guy.

    In my opinion, Jesse is a slimy guy. I can't put my finger on it, but I can say that every time the whole house is in agreement on someone's character, it's time to listen! lol! Wouldn't be surprised if there is lot more drama with him.

    Did she really ask the lawyer to stay? Have they met?

    K, back to work for me! My cute motorcycle baby just turned 1 and needs his spot on the blog! Miss you!


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