Bachelorette Re-Cap....Two Weeks.

Last Week -

Definition of weird: The Weatherman. Kasey singing on his one-on-one date. The Weatherman. Kasey getting a tattoo to show his sincerity. The Weatherman predicting his own forecast. Kasey continuing to talk about his heart and shield. The Weatherman calling himself a singer/songwriter. Kasey and his 11 stones. It's a toss up.

Definition of sweet: Kirk. Thank you for not singing her a bedtime lullaby. Frank - saying he will take anything she has when he wants to kiss her even though she is sick.

Cape Cod - flowers and soup...super sweet. I like him a lot but wished he would lose his 'home boy' like 'yo, what's up' mannerisms. First kiss on the rooftop....finally and AMAZING!

Roberto = Rico Suave

This Week -

One word for Iceland - Freezing

One word for Roberto - Yummy

I'm guessing that Kasey's poem included 'guard and protect your heart' even though we couldn't understand half of what he said. When he read his poem it sounded like his sweatshirt was tied too tight around his neck. And guess what Kasey.....a tattoo doesn't make you a man.

Chris N.....who?

Changing my mind about Rated-R. Not liking him much at all these days.

Liking Kirk more and more these days.

Hallmark needs to hire Kasey...such a cheeseball.

What -- no camera time with Roberto in the Blue Lagoon hot tub?

How many times do you think Kasey has said..."GAPHH"?

The Iceland setting was ridiculous....they were all freezing all the time.

Roberto isn't getting much camera time because he is the ONE. The chemistry and connection are probably just too obvious for the camera.

Betting Chris L. and Roberto are the final two.

Hoping at least.

Seriously, Ali, tough choice? Chris N. was the clear, easy choice.

P.S. Chris L, will you please wear a jacket the next time a rose is being handed out? Thanks!

Looking forward to The Bachelor Pad in August. The Weatherman will be back. Why do I find myself looking forward to his awkwardness?!

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  1. Love your re-caps! Roberto is yummy...but he's sweet too, he's one of my faves! But, I'm pulling for Chris L., I just think they would be so good together.

    Rated R...probably has the girlfriend I'm thinking...

  2. totally agree with everything you said...Kasey....lord have mercy....I feel bad for the guy...but he needs to chill out....

    and I so like your choices for final two...though I agree Roberto is the one....

  3. agree

    Love Roberto. Love love love. If he's the one with the girlfriend, I might have to stop watching. I would be shocked. But she appears pretty irate at whomever was the nasty boy....can't wait for next week.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Perfectly said my friend! Just talked to Lisa M. and we are having a Bachelorette viewing party on July 12th! Wanna come? :)


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