Bachelorette Re-Cap...Istanbul

Istanbul...they are picking really random places. Beautiful but random.

I'm betting it's Rated-R with the girlfriends.She looked genuinely scared when Chris Harrison was making the phone call. And seriously, five plus rings until she answers. C'mon.
Yup Jesse is from Canada...so is Rated-R.
Bingo. Poor Jessica. That two-timing *&($^%^&.
I actually don't think that he was really in her top 3....so her rage should be more mental than emotional and should be good!
He is crazy. Climbing through the fountain. Ridiculous. What a wussy. Way to go out in style. Running from a girl calling you out. Wow...you are a real tough guy.
You signed up for the TV thing. Off -camera my a**.
Nice messages jerk-off.

Craig-er, I doubt that you are getting a one-on-one. She just isn't that into you.

Not sure how I feel about Ty. And Ali's messy hair is horrible. Ty, your dress shirt is a bit see-thru...kind of gross. Wear an undershirt next time please.
I'm kind of surprised that they have chemistry.
Maybe he is just a rebound from a bad morning!
No tongue....I think she just thinks he is nice.

I'm done with Ty's date before they even eat dinner. Ready to get to the oiled up boys on the group date! Just answer her questions directly TY. Uugh.

Hi Roberto!

Good thing Frank didn't get the group date...could you imagine him wresting.

Good eye, Cape Cod! Spotting Ali first.
Little note on Chris L. His aunt is the Principal at one of our local elementary schools and she says he is a really nice genuine guy!

Best quote of the night...Chris L. on wrestling the Turks "I don't like where this is going!" He is quite funny.

Wow...Craig-er pulled through with the wrestling.

Frank...stop talking and go get a tattoo.
You have a freaking one-on-one coming up.

Craig-er....there never is an awkward moment of silence because you are a lawyer.
Ali + Craig = friends

Previews show Cape Cod in a jacket at the rose ceremony....thank you for listening to me!

Craig-er, I'm not sure why you are so confident...she didn't even kiss you. In fact, you could have fit a small child between you most of the time.

LOL about the rug store. And Frank is so adamant that he isn't buying a rug.
That is a great rug though!

Really looking forward to all the 'crazies' on The Bachelor Pad!

Soaking wet pants through dinner. How romantic.

Frank reminds me of an Ewok. I finally figured it out. I knew it was something just couldn't put my finger on it.

Oh really, Chris L. - suit jacket with skater shoes. Will someone on the show please help him in the wardrobe department.

No cocktail party. No connection with one person.
My thoughts.......
Bye Bye Craig-er. Just know that you ARE one funny guy!
Great husband material....just not ALI's husband material.

I feel bad, Craig-er seems so confident.
And what...no smooches this week for Chris L., Kirk or Roberto.

I have to say...even with all the drama, this season has been a little too predictable.

See you next week, boys!

Wait...why isn't Chris L. in any of the previews in Tahiti? I'm scared.

And it was weird that Ty was singing in his socks and underwear but it was weirder that Frank was sitting and listening to it.

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  1. Loved how hilarious Frank's "turban" aka silver pumpkin hat was on him. I kept begging him to "take it off!" He looked like a dork! Ali was pretty in the belly-dancer get-up. I was wondering why Frank & Ali were crying during their preview and I came up with something--we've seen how Frank has been seriously bugged by Ali with the other guys and he decides he doesn't think this show is for him and he decides to leave. Oh, I can't wait for Bachelor Pad! I looked it up on ABC.com and they have the show listed there and tell us who the contestants are and what the show is about--they are bringing back Weatherman & jerk-off Craig!!! Together again! It should make for an interesting show. Kiptyn will be on there, too! :)

  2. I laughed at your "hi Roberto"...LOL That's how I feel, too.

    Frank is a wuss...not feeling him. I think Kirk is a good guy, but a little on the wussy side too, at least for Ali. Ty...eh. I want to like him and think he's good and "all that sweetness", but I just get the nagging feeling he'd be a lot more controlling once the relationship "set" in.

    Pleeeeeeeeease give more camera time to Roberto!!!

  3. I agree! You are dead on in your assessment and I LOVE it!

    Also LOVING Chris L and of course, Roberto but like you, did notice he is missing from Tahiti....hummmm


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