90% Funny.

I found an old spelling test while cleaning out Blake's backpack.

Blake got 90% on it.

He only missed one word.

The word was 'catching.'

He spelled it.....'CATHING.'

Can you blame him?!

{for anyone new to this blog - Blake was born with Spina Bifida and we cath him every 3-4 hours}

Happy Friday!

Happy First Day of Summer Vacay!

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  1. Also, I want to order an apron from you! I've been dying for a supercute apron that is practical! I've been to a few craft shows and haven't found one that compares to the ones you've shared. HELP a sistah out! ha!

  2. Nat's spelling words tend to be words he uses in every day life, so I am looking at Blake's test thinking "nope, he spelled Cathing right... what is wrong with that teacher??" Funny what becomes "normal" to us hu?

    Hugs to you :)

  3. What an appropriate and funny mistake. :) Catching really isn't all that important anyhow....unless you're a baseball player.


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