Why We Were Late For School This Morning.....

.....only in Napa Valley can you use the excuse 'a Hot Air Balloon landed in our front yard'! Dave came down the hall telling everyone to come outside. Partially dressed, I asked him if I should get dressed....like will they be able to see me....I asked. He told me NO hurrying us to the door. I opened the door to this.......

I think I'll go get dressed!
The balloon is just getting ready to land.

This is a second balloon that was almost in our backyard! The winds must have been directing all the balloons to our nice big court.

This was when I realized that my car wasn't going anywhere too fast.

Coming down.

These two guys worked so hard squeezing all the air out.

Still wrangling the balloon.

Almost there.

All loaded up.
What a beautiful way to start our week.

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  1. i remember balloons landing in our yard and the back field all the time growing up... only in the napa valley is true! LOVE IT!

  2. FUN!!! we had one land in our neighborhood last fall (we live in the middle of nowhere and our sub is built on an old farm with LOTS of open land so it's the "landing spot" for the local hot air balloon company)....have to believe the kids thought that was a cool way to start the day!!!!

  3. How fun! What an exciting excuse for being late.

  4. This is AMAZING! I am so jealous. How fun.

  5. that is soooo cool! I want one to land at my house!

  6. that is so freaking cool i can't even come up with a witty response!


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