Very Necessary Bachelorette Recap.

Chris L. - your nervous twitches made you look awkward. Unfortunately it took you down a notch with me. Wouldn't mind you staying around though but lose the twitch please.

Casey - you do have a very funny voice and that is why it was necessary for Frank to interrupt your one-on-one time.

Frank - loved you on the one-on-one date! Loved you. Note to self though...you do look cuter with your glasses on.

Roberto - Hot. Former baseball player. Even Hotter!

Justin - Still like you. Wish you weren't hopping around though. It does something to your hunkiness.

Craig M. - Confirming you are a 6 on the 1-5 jerk-off radar. And, go see a counselor for your low self esteem issues. Soooo unclassy. Being funny at someone elses expense....not cool.

Weatherman - I do really feel bad for you that you have been the brunt of Craig M's jokes. It is just wrong. But......stop talking please. And, no you probably won't have to fight anyone so quit talking about that too. While I appreciate that you told Ali about Craig, I wish you wouldn't have been so nervous and I do think you used the wrong word. Dangerous doesn't necessarily describe who he really is. Jerk-off would have been better. I did appreciate how you handled the speedo situation on your group date. Although that would have been better too if you had stopped talking and whining and just put it on. You ended up handling it well.

Not really interested in the calendar. On second thought, I might have to look up Justin though. Contractor boy grew on me a little too in Vegas. I just stayed at the Aria hotel....in the suites. That same doorman let us in through the double doors too. And I saw the Liquid Pool where they swam. Probably just missed them there by a few weeks!

Ok...going to press play now to unpause my DVR and watch the actual rose ceremony. Hope I am not disappointed. I'll let you know.


Again, who is Steve? We never see any time with him. And Kirk, he just might be a cutie too once we get a chance to get to know him. The jury is still out on Craig R. in my book. Oops, Bachelorette...did you do what I just think you did...you showed a picture of Jonathon standing next to Craig M. and Jonathon had a rose on....then you went to the final rose and showed him with no rose on....Yup...just paused it. When Chris N. walks to get the next to the last rose, Weatherman does not have a rose on, but when Chris N. returns to his spot the rose is pinned on. Big oops. So no surprise Weatherman gets the last rose. You LOSE Craig M. I guess the jokes on you.

I haven't gone to any spoilers yet...but who do you think has the girlfriend back home?

P.S. Craig M., the one-eyed look isn't good. Just saying. And my weekend + project update is below this post. Sorry if you aren't a bachelorette fan. Maybe I can change your mind?

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  1. I'm here to confess... I'm watching the Bachelorette too! I've got the same thoughts on the same guys. However, when Frank was already given a rose and he interrupted the nasal talking guy during the cocktail party, I thought it was not cool. He is still one of my top 3 though.

  2. Jesse in Vegas was cute! And I agree, I love Chris L. from Cape Cod. I can't wait to see his individual date. I hope he gets one, he seems like he has potential. Kasey with the nasal voice, I have a friend who's parents were deaf, but she wasn't, and her voice is somewhat like that since growing up and learning to speak, that's what she heard. I kind of thought his voice sounds the same and wondered if there's a story to his voice. If not, eek, I don't know if I could handle it without a story behind it!

  3. I didn't watch it last night! So I skipped reading your post....I do so a Monday night Bachelorette date in our future! I am thinking this summer once the kids are out of school? Pencil me in?

  4. not necessary at all. haha! have a great week!

  5. Ok now that I watched it I can read your post...yes I did notice the rose, no roset thing and I did rewind also. Thought I was seeing things since Craig had a red hankie in his pocket but your right...rose, no rose than a rose.

    My favorite so far....FRANK! not as "hunky" as some of the others but just darling in his own way. Justin is a hottie yes...but I see her more with Frank.

    Thank you Ali for getting rid of the jerk-off!! The weatherman has good intentions but in my opinion not her type, he looks like a young goofy version of Tom Cruise to me...and I have never understood the hype over Tom.

  6. Casey's voice is horrible.

    Weatherman did NOT need to inform us that he wasn't "large" down there. Really, keep that to yourself.

    Craig the dangerous one was just icky. In all ways.

    Roberto - lick lick lick. Love him.

    Frank is way too high strung and already starting to appear desperate.

    Oh, and I caught the rose on/rose off thing too! Glad I wasn't crazy. I wondered.

  7. Just finished watching (thank the good Lord for DVR!) and I am SOOOOO glad that she sent Craig home!! YAY! And I loved how uncomfortable he got when she was grilling him! Go ALLY!

    Frank is still my #1. By FAR. Well, not that far because hunky Roberto and his yummy dimples are a close second. But Frank still is still the front runner.

    Casey, you give me the creeps. Sorry. Does his voice remind you of how a deaf person sounds when they talk, or is it just me? Gotta go buddy.

    Weatherman. Blah. Enough said.

    Chris L. - You gotta get your nerves under control asap. You came off sounding a bit "yo yo yo wassup" on your one on one. Chill, regroup, and try again. I am still rooting for you.

    K that's it! Lot's of good drama this week! I still think we should have a Bachelorette viewing night!



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