Today is....

overcast....but burning off by afternoon to beautiful sunshine and warm weather....think low 80's

payday for our employees (I'm included as an employee) but it also means payroll for us

payroll taxes due....boo

two days past when I should have posted 'dammit' on here

pool membership fees mailed out....yeah

start of the weekend Napa Home & Garden Show....working our ClearView Retractable Screen booth.....stop by and say 'hi'

a foot massage for my bro when I stopped by there earlier to visit this morning since I'm working the above mentioned Home Show today

getting music and dance moves ready for a church talent/non-talent (heavy on the non-talent)night show next weekend

barely getting a kiss from Blake as he was jumping out of my car to run to his class....yes he has made significant progress saying good-bye in the mornings - double yay

the day I will dream about the freakin' amazing waterproof fabric I just received in the mail....think oh so soft to the touch....and dreaming of my studio being finished so I can go to town creating new items that are clogging up my brain


Hope you have a happy weekend. Mine will be spent slinging swings with my most favorite business partner......Mr. Kennedy!

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  1. Sounds like an overall good and productive day, minus the taxes (yuck)... You certainly get a lot done in a day... Today, I'm unmotivated and tired and have crossed nothing off my list, but I'm okay with it.

  2. !!!!! well keep us posted :-) we're taking another go at it this monthn :-)


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