Some Jasonisms + A Happy Anniversary Wish.

Saying our meal prayer Saturday night, Jason offered a beautiful prayer full of gratitude for others and their service. Afterwards I told Jason that I learn something from him every time he prays. Humbly, he said, "a prayer is just what is in your heart." Yet...another lesson.

Jason is enjoying visitors right now. Lots of them. Tonight he told me that he enjoyed our 'chat time' and thanked me for coming to get our chat time in even though I had a home show to work all day. He then leaned over to my sister, Jill, and said, "Jill, do we need more chat time?" We all giggled and they proceeded to schedule a chat time, that includes two Diet Pepsi's on Tuesday. Then I told him that another friend was wanting to come by to visit. He said that any day this week, Monday through Friday, would work. I asked why Saturday and Sunday wouldn't work. He told me he might not be here. Catching me off guard and making me gasp a little for air, I decided I would throw back at him his own sense of humor. So I asked, "Why, where are YOU going?" and he said, "maybe to a baseball game!" He is still making us laugh even during difficult times.

I did take a little bit of time off from 'chatting' with J on Saturday morning and went to a couple of garage sales. I scored something that excites me. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Also, Happy 41st Anniversary Mom + Dad! You are perfect examples of unconditional love, loyalty, fidelity, selflessness, service and patience. Perfect ingredients for happily ever after.

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  1. Reading daily and still sending you prayers. Stay strong. He is amazing...and so are you! Your writing touches so many people, please take comfort in that too.

  2. I should probably really work on that patience part of the "ever after" recipe. :) I need to find some!

    Your family is full of intrigue and interest, lessons and love. I love reading about it.

  3. I just can't tell you enough how happy I am that you get these special moments with Jason, what a blessing! Still praying for your sweet family!


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