Project + Weekend Update!

I started yet another project on Saturday.
Project number 5.
Not on the list for this weekend.
But one that has been on my mind for awhile.
It involves this wall of pictures.

While I have loved this eclectic group of picture frames,
I have been wanting something a little different for this wall.
Maybe all white frames.
Something crisper and fresh.
That will go with the new floors and trim we are installing...
slowly but steady.
Problem is...don't have money for all new frames.
So I brainstormed a little.
And started playing with color ideas on post-it notes.

And went to the store and bought 4 cans of spray paint....
in some of my favorite colors.

And here is a little sneak peak of what I have going on....
I am loving it so far.
The orange is a little out of my comfort zone,
but the perfect pop of color on the walls.
Plus as of right now...there are only two frames painted orange.

I am hoping this wall will continue to grow up and out.
With more painted frames.

I will post pics as soon as Project number 5 is completed.
Hopefully finished tomorrow!


And while the spray paint was out....
Blake and daddy couldn't help but play with it.
On my studio walls.

Thank goodness the siding wasn't up yet.
Picture of the progress on that coming soon too!
It is really taking shape.

But for now...pictures of my cutie.

{sarah lane studios, if you are needing a little custom tagging for your photo shoots, I would most definitely pimp my husband out for his fab tagging skills!}

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  1. it is really hard to not laugh at blake trying to be "hardcore" with his broken sunglasses frame. Love it!

  2. Actually those are my $80 Banana Republic sunglasses we found outside. Hunny, something to add to my birthday list!!

  3. An idea for your orange frames (all of which I LOVE, by the by), have you thought about sanding them and giving them a worn look? Or even using a little burnt umber to age it a bit? It would take a little of the edge off with leaving the punch! Just a thought.

    I love the pic of Blake, he's soooo bad to the bone!

  4. michelle-y...great idea about toning down the orange a bit. That will be my next project!!

    I also like the idea of sanding them a bit. Might have to do that too when I get tired of the crisp look!

    Thanks for your suggestions! Love the feedback.

  5. I like it the new colors. Cute!

  6. You know, I never thought to actually spray paint picture frames, but that's a great idea. And a room with a wall of pictures...all lined up next to each other? I'm starting to get an idea myself! :)

  7. I love the new frames - I do this a lot. Many spray paint projects have come from my obsession with Old beat up frames. I love the old fancy gilded ones the best...anyway! Throw one more Orange up there and give yourself that "odd" number thing that works so well in design. Love it!! ...great tagging skills!! lol... I am sure that is something you don't see in Napa much! :)

  8. OK this is my next project too. I have been buying one or two frames every time I can for the last year. But they are all black- So this is PERFECT, I am going to paint a few. Thanks!


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