Time for the close-ups and the other areas of the house that you didn't see!

Now that I have my displays all figured out.....I need to start signing up for some craft shows. Oh...and go find more of those flowered plates in the picture above this one. They were the first to sell for the cake plates.

I ended up with 10 customers and a pretty penny in my apron pocket. It was a fun morning. A busy morning. I learned a few things....like having my packaging better prepared. Thank you to everyone that supported my first trunk show. I promise....there will be more!

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  1. I'm SO sad I don't live near you! I so wish I could have gone!!! Love the set up!!! You should come to a so cal craft show... you know... just for me! LOL

  2. Looks so cute! Too bad I live in TX! I would have been there for sure! Congrats on your first trunk show!

  3. I wish I lived in Napa so I could have attended! It looks awesome!

  4. You are SO multi-talented. I bet you made some mommies very happy. Love the displays and all your wares too.

  5. I'm happy to hear that you had success. :) It's a shame you live in pretty California and I live here. In this ugly mess we call the midwest. Ugh. Thunderstorms, possibly hail...tornadic activity...can I just find a desert and live?

  6. April...Congrats on ths show.. way cute :)

    I LOVE those bobby pins with the turquoise flowers and red centers... but don't see them in your etsy shop. Do you have any of them left? How much? Email me please :)

  7. I see some of my purchases in your pictures :)

  8. adorable!!! I see you are in NoCal too. Your blog is lovely.



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