Mother/Daughter Night.

Last night was a special mother/daughter night at church. We were to bring pictures to make a simple memory book together. Kaia and I decided that instead of going back through old pictures we wanted to take current pictures so that we could remember exactly how we were RIGHT at the time that we created the memory book.

We set up a little photo booth area a littler earlier in the afternoon, attached the camera to the tripod and started clicking away with the self-timer. Here is the memory book that we came up with last night while we sat and chatted and giggled with some of our favorite mother/daughter girlfriends.

{sorry this one is blurry}
girl was 12.....mom was (clearing throat) 38.
girl liked to be silly....she took after her mom!

{darn it...i was rushed on this page and misspelled practicing and forget together at the end}

back page....
word to her mom.
the end.

When we got home from our special evening together I crawled into bed with her and asked her if I was an OK mom for her. She nodded her head yes as her eyes filled with tears and I knew without any words said that she was pleased with me as her mom. And, then I kissed her all up and down the side of her face, because that is what mommies do.

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  1. my heart....i know those moments with my mom are cherished....i still, at 41, have moments with her where my eyes well up with tears :-) you are very blessed to be this beautiful young woman's mother!

  2. Ahhh This is so sweet and an awesome idea!

  3. Miss A! You soooo inspire me to be a better Mom! Thank goodness I have you in my life to learn from :)

  4. How Fantastic! I love your relationship with kids...it is amazing!

    Hey, I'm looking for nominees for my 2nd Annual Mommy Blogger of the Year Contest....Would you mind coming by and Nominating your Fave Mommy Blogger?

  5. I'm gonna start a "Dammit, April" club. More often than not your posts make me cry.

    This is so sweet. I'm gonna send it to Kerri and make her cry too!


  6. sweet!! I am so looking forward to those moments with Audrey. I think because I missed out on all that (the daughter end) I am even more aware of how significant those moments are. I really can't wait. I enjoy her now, I didn't mean to imply that I am waiting for some other stage, I just think he bond between a mother & her teenage daughter can be so sweet if you do it right, which you are... and I hope I do.

  7. Love this post! And what a great idea to do the memory book of y'all now!

  8. Really sweet post! I giggled at the "(clearing throat) 38." But in that second fuzzy pic, especially, you two look so much alike!

  9. What a wonderful idea! I'm stealing this as a summer project. I will be home on maternity leave with a new baby, so what better way to make my already loved boys feel special? I can't wait - seriously!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS.....I need to start a list of to-do things for this summer. Thank you thank you thank you, April and Kaia!!

  10. This post made me cry like a baby! I wish you were my mom :) Thanks for sharing that!

  11. April!!!!! I'm crying! ha!

    Such a great idea!!!


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