I am considering hosting an impromptu Funky Vintage Kitchen Trunk Show at my home on Saturday for last minute Mother's Day gift shopping.

Would you send your husband over? Would you come shop for yourself, your mom, your sister, etc? Bring your husband along and pick out what you want, then go to the car and let him surprise you with his purchases? I will provide the gift wrapping also.

I think I will even have my sewing machine going the whole time, creating while waiting for customers to come visit or shop. Would Friday evening be better? Maybe open both days? Oh....I'm just not sure. It makes me feel so vulnerable. But at the same time, sounds like so much fun!

What do you think?
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  1. I think that sounds fun. too bad I'm in BFE. Maybe you could do a traveling trunk show next time you're in the mood for a road trip.

  2. I would come & shop for my Momma & Mother in law and maybe pick up something for myself...because I was outbid on Saturday night :) Let me know! Earlier rather than later works for me!

  3. What a fabulous Idea...and if that's your wrapping...that is amazing!

  4. I would like to stop by and say hello and for some creative inspiration. What time on Sat?


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