Kaia's New Outfit Modified for Modesty.

We saw this little number at Target and Kaia wanted to try it on. The print is darling, but we thought it was a little too much for the whole dress. A little old looking for an almost 13 year old. It's hard finding the perfect outfits for that age. Most dresses in the Junior Department are either still a little big and loose up top or not enough dress up top for modesty.

While we were in the dressing room, Kaia decided it would make a really cute skirt. I took one look at the waistband and the inside seams and said......Let's get it!! She was thrilled. I told her the raw edge look is very in right now and she agreed.

We came home, cut off the top very carefully leaving just about a 1" raw hem above the elastic and then I surprised her and I styled it with items from her closet on her wire dress form and left it in her bedroom. She was so excited when she saw it and wore it to church on Sunday!

We finished off the outfit with a pair of pointed toe black flats and this little locket. It is a heart charm that opens and has a little personal note rolled up in it. It was our gift to Kaia for her elementary graduation and I love that she loves wearing that note so close to her heart. I found it at a local boutique.
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  1. What a great idea! Such a cute skirt!!!

  2. that is awesome! so you didn't sew/finish where you cut the dress? i wish i was so creative :-)

  3. Not yet...but it might end up needing some fray check on it or a straight stitch a little below the cut. I'm watching it carefully!

  4. you are so great- i bet she flipped when she saw it! love it.


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