I'm Calling Him.....

...The Comeback Kid! Last night Jason insisted on not only eating some lasagna last night, but also insisted that he could walk to bed. And, he did. Half way.....with lots of help. But he did walk. He knew he could. Three days of not being able to swallow and now this little miracle.

This morning I called to check-in with my mom and to my surprise Jason answered the phone. Here was our conversation....

J: Hi April! How are you? (throaty and slow, but completely understandable)

A: Hi Jason!! I'm good. What are you doing?

J: I just finished breakfast. I had two eggs on toast and it was delicious!

A: Wow...that is great. That makes me so happy. How did you sleep last night?

J: I slept so peaceful. I had a good night and I am rested, content, happy and ready for a good day!

A: Your family is coming to spend the whole day with you....what time are they coming?

J: Around 10:00.

A: Well have a great day J. We are going to come eat lunch with you, but give you some time today with your kids alone without all the hustle and bustle there. We will see you around lunch time.

J: OK...sounds good. Bye. Love you.

A: Love you too. You make me happy, J.

I'm putting mascara on today! He said it best, we are 'ready for a good day today' and continued little miracles. On Monday, I leaned in close to him and whispered, 'J, I just want you to know how much I'm going to miss you.' He responded with, 'Where are you going?' His sense of humor brought relief, but now I am wondering if he really knew he wasn't going anywhere as soon as we thought. We are taking it one day at a time and are enjoying the break from the tears and his break from slurred speech. Precious time.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. And, for the record, I'm not as strong and amazing as you all are saying, but the compliments are sweet and welcomed!

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  1. hugs - have a good weekend xoxoxo

  2. April <3
    I am such a bad blogger. I just caught up on your past five posts and as I sit here with tears running down my face (1/2 out of sadness because I have met your brother and have witness the character you speak so fondly of and 1/2 out of the pain and sorrow that is felt when a friend is in pain). Please know that my prayers are being lifted for J right now. I am here for you anytime you need me (even if it's to deliver a Buttercream fix or a Starbucks caramel hot chocolate!). Be brave. Trust in the Lord. HIS name is HOLY, COMFORTER, HEALER. Praying really hard for that healin' to come. Love you!
    Sarah <3

  3. April, believe it or not, your posts have given me so much strength! I've been dealt some hard blows myself and usually, the hardest part is feeling like you're going it alone.
    Please know that God is ever-present, and engaged in everything that concerns you!
    I am praying with and for you and your family!
    May the peace of God rest heavily on all of you :)


  4. What a wonderful day! I am so happy that J is doing better today....It's hard for me not to tear up when I read your posts lately....because I know how you are savoring every minute with him....

    I pray for another amazing day tomorrow!

  5. What wonderful news for a terrible Friday. Terrible for me...not for you. :) Continue enjoying all the minutes, hours, and days because no matter the circumstance...we never truly know how much time we have.

    Happy weekend.

  6. We are THRILLED to hear that Jason is doing better. We are so happy you all are able to spend more special time with him. Please give your family our love.....

  7. Please tell Jason he is in our prayers, and let him know we love and miss him!

  8. Yay for tiny miracles! Praying for more good days!


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