I Was Wondering....

....so I counted weeks in my calendar today. I've only done that a few times. I would have been 19 weeks today. 19 weeks. That is crazy. We would have probably known what we were having by now or finding out in the next week. Wondering if I'll join the dammit club again this month. Chances are yes. But it is safe to say that most days I am content with my family as-is for now. Enjoying today and not worrying about tomorrow. I don't want to miss today, especially if 'tomorrow' doesn't ever come.

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  1. xoxo....for me i have my sweet, dear, lovely 27 year old niece who is due the exact.same.day.i.was to "show" me what i would look like....contentness is the key my friend....hope you had a fabulous mother's day :-)

  2. And I am making myself stay in the moment more and more. Too many good things to miss "now" if I don't. Jason smiled his usual Tuesday/Friday smile this morning and said, "It's gonna be a good day." Do you think it has anything to do with you? I do!

    Love, Mom

  3. *hugs*
    It does get easier... I promise.


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