I Love Me a Little Reality TV.

Just finished watching the first episode of the Bachelorette!

Wasn't disappointed.

Looks like it is going to be a drama packed season as usual.

My favorite so far......Justin, aka Rated-R.......

the bad boy who I really think is there for all the right reasons

and is a complete softy.

Too bad he has a broken ankle....hopefully producers will set him up with a gortex cast so they can share a hot tub moment!

Next favorite of the group.....Chris L. from Cape Code.

Totally hottie in person. Way cuter than this picture!

And most despised already by me.....

toupee man Craig M.

He and his hair have got to go.

And we can't forget cute Casey,
who unfortunately looks to be a overly sensitive head case
and Hunter, who reminds me of the weird guy
who comes to my house every few months
trying to sell me frozen meat from his truck.
Ali needs to stop with the "I'm so sad" look
and show a bit of confidence in her decisions.
That sad face is already old from last season.
The weatherman is also on my list for a fav.
Pretty good personality.
And I have no idea who Steve is.
Where did he come from and when did she have any
one-on-one with him.
That was a surprise.
Oh...and I was really glad to see Jay, the lawyer go.
Do you watch? What were your thoughts?
Can't wait for Monday nights....or DVR
on Thursday mornings while folding laundry.
Nothing like a good scripted reality drama-filled love story.

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  1. Love the show!! I wasn't too fond of Ali being the bachelorette but I loved the first episode! And I love Roberto, the first impression rose recepient! Hope he doesn't screw up!

  2. I so know that SAD face...get over it already. She's got some cuties in there and they are all there for HER (we think...maybe a little fame too).

  3. I really liked Roberto. I liked Rated-R but he does seem a little fishy to me.

  4. Not quite sure about Rated-R. I think his motives are good, but anyone who is an "entertainment wrestler" automatically hits my cheesy list and has to earn their way off! lol! We will see!

    Chris L. from Cape Cod is my #1 pick as of right now. Total cutie and seems super genuine.

    My #2 Spot goes to Frank! He is silly and I love it!! Although he has the potential to get annoying. But he still is a front runner, for now! :)

    My #3 is Roberto. Not because of my personal taste but because of their chemistry. (Although they will definitely have hairy children!) He has some serious Rico Suave going on.

    So glad that one rude annoying guy got voted out, now it's Craig M.'s turn to go. He is redonkulous. And mean. And that is not a good combo.

    Kasey gave me the heeby jeebies from the get go. And what is up with his voice? Was it just me or was he talking through his nose?

    And, yes, Ally needs to lose the dramatics. C'mon girl.

    K, those are my two cents! Let's see what happens! We should SO have a Bachelorette viewing party! lol!


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