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In the midst of the pain, I smiled yesterday quite a few different times. One of those times was because Brittany from Tangled and True had me highlight the Oh Baby Dear shower I threw for my 'dear' friend Kathy last year. Go check out the post....there is some love in there for you! Lyndsay, my friend who designed the invitation, has graciously included a downloadable file of that darling invitation for your own personal use!!

On a brother note....I brought a banana smoothie to Jason yesterday, one of his ultimate favorite foods, thinking I would just wet his whistle with some sweetness and he surprised us all and insisted on a straw and sucked almost 24 ounces down! I'm bringing him another one this morning, at his request. We are enjoying some really special times with him right now. It is so bittersweet and so treasured and these special moments are providing me with a lifetime of cherished memories!

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  1. So great to hear that he liked the smoothie and that you are getting this time with him. My mom had uterine cancer and went to be with Jesus 9 years ago, so I understand those precious moments, and they are so bittersweet. My mom also had no appetite, and one day I was determined to get something in her, so I went to sonic and got her a vanilla shake. Boy she sucked that shake down! I started getting them for her everyday. I look back at those special moments and hurt, then smile because I got to share them with her. It's a hard road to travel...to loose someone you love so deeply. Even with my faith and knowing she was healed, it hurts still.

    If you ever need an ear, don't hesitate, I'll be here :) Hugs sweet friend!

  2. Oh, wow! I saw your post yesterday on Tangled and True. I thought it was the most adorable baby shower I've ever seen, but I didn't realize until I read this post that you were the one that planned it all {Dense.....I know!} It was an awesome baby shower!!

    Saying prayers for your brother, your family & you.....

  3. I was the luckiest Mother-to-Be! Thank you thank you thank you. It was the most beautiful shower ever.


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