FVK Studio Progress + a Testimony Shared at Church Today.

It's Sunday afternoon. There is a warm breeze. I heart warm breezes. Seriously heart them. Church was good today. Fast and Testimony meeting....where members from the congregation have an opportunity to share their testimonies. Blake got up for the first time and shared his simple testimony that he believed in God and Jesus Christ and that he knew that both of them loved him and that he loves them too. Kaia helped him. She held his hand walking up to the podium and stood beside him, whispering in his ear sweet promptings.

In the beginning, she whispered something for him to say into the microphone and then he started by whispering into the microphone also....he caught himself and they both burst out laughing in the sweetest shared giggle and the congregation joined with them in their giggle. It was sweet. I was afraid he would then chicken out because everyone was laughing, but they both quickly composed themselves and Blake spoke his sweet testimony into the microphone and made his mommy cry.

I'm heading out into the backyard this afternoon to enjoy the beauty all around...especially the windows that were installed in the studio above yesterday. We are making progress. I'm hoping that it will be finished just in time to be a great big birthday present for me in June. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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  1. You're getting a studio?! That's fantastic! Glad you had a "pay day" from Blake today. So sweet.

  2. I want one of those in my backyard... my own space. Can't wait to see the finished product and what you'll do to the inside. I just know it'll be the cutest space. And just today I was thinking about the kids who bore their testimonies over the pulpit. I was thinking about their parents and all right things their parents are doing to help them grow testimonies so big the fear of standing in front of so many people doesn't even keep them away.

  3. Blake's testimony ~ standing beside his sister ~ looking at his Ward family ~ it takes a village.


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