I'm posting late in the day. I had a wonderful day with Jason today. He woke from a morning nap with clear speech and a days worth of jokes. Which meant lots of belly laughs from all of us around. It was a great day. It helped that he got a special visitor last night. A celebrity of sorts type of visitor to help lift his spirits. Yesterday was a tough day, emotionally. He received news from Duke that a new medication he was hoping to take was not going to work out. He was deflated. His spirits were down. He was confused and said he needed time to digest the news. But then, this celebrity type visitor, who had a great sense of humor, and a pep talk from a dear friend who runs the Tug McGraw Foundation (that's country singer Tim McGraw's father) sent his spirits soaring again. Gave him hope and brought a smile to his face. Thank you, Jennifer, you said all the right things last night.

So who was the celebrity? Not telling quite yet, but know that we heard a lot of great stories about back stage happenings at Tim McGraw's concerts, all about the buses the band and crew spend their time on and lots of great things happening with the Tug McGraw Foundation that is based right here in Napa, Ca.

Jason spent quite a bit of time volunteering at the Foundation when he was first had to stop working full-time. He loved his time at the Foundation, and we are all looking forward to volunteering in the future to give back for the support they have provided Jason and his family.

We are looking forward to a busy weekend. Remember my studio that was started a few weekends ago? Hoping to spend time working on that this weekend and posting some progress pictures soon! We have 3 unfinished projects at our house and two more on my wish list. If it was up to me....we would work all day outside and then start a new project inside after it gets dark....but hubby likes a little break on the weekends from construction. And, frankly, I can't blame him!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. And, a huge thank you to all our service men and women and their families for their service and sacrifices. So so appreciative.

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  1. I love that you had a good day with Jason! I love hearing about things he has said it makes me giggle...I still get a kick out of the "where are you going comment", I even told Matt about it and he laughed too. I am so glad your getting to spend this time with him, you will truly cherish it for the rest of your life.

    So who might this "visitor" be?? funny...a buddy of Matt's, a co-worker of his is Tim McGraws 2nd cousin if I remember correctly,(on his moms side I think, she owns Party Time) was just at my house a couple of hours ago. Anyways...thats exciting! Eager to hear more...Have a great weekend!


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