Friday Night!

Make that 4 unfinished projects at our home.
I came home to this tonight.....

...the tile slate on my front porch all busted off for yet another little project.
Extend the porch to the right for a little seating area
and add rock around the base of the posts.
Thank goodness our friend that does tile and rock work is planning
on coming by tomorrow to show us some samples he has picked out for us.
I told him gray tones! He has extra sample material that should work great for this project.
Plus, he is letting us have one of his guys at cost to do the work!
One of the perks of being a general contractor.
Subs that are awesome...that not only want to take care of our customers.....
but want to take care of us too!
I have dreamt of what this porch could look like for a few years now.
Can't wait to keep you updated with pictures.

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  1. I sincerely hope your house projects get fixed faster than mine. :) I have no doubt that they will, however, considering the line of business YOUR husband is in versus MINE. :)

  2. Our porch is doomed to look like this for weeks! he he he
    April: "our porch needs to be fixed"
    Dave: OK I'll get the roto-hammer just go to the store.

  3. so porch aside, how is "your" room coming? and thanks for the comment on the dress, I was actually changing the photo while you were posting. go check it out now, looks much better as I changed the pocket. After i saw the pic online I decided I hated the pocket and changed it....


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