Creamer + Sugar.

Separated at birth....reunited after being found at two different garage sales....one year apart!

Found the creamer at an estate sale a year ago.
We use her for warm syrup for Sunday waffles.

I just found the lidded sugar bowl this past Saturday at a garage sale.
Planning on using her for homemade strawberry jam for Sunday waffles.

A perfect pair in nearly perfect condition!

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  1. Super Super Cute...bright cheery and retro cool! Great Find...was meant to be!

  2. Great finds indeed. I think I need to start garage sale shopping. I never take the time to find them and go. :) Enjoy!

  3. ♥ them! I try to hit garage sales as much as possible. I love finding things like the mixing bowls my grandmother had when I was little!

  4. i dont know you...you dont know me...but i ran across your blog looking at another friends..and saw this pic of the creamer and sugar bowl. i HAD to smile :) i lost my mom unnecessarily about a year and a half ago and she collected creamer and sugar bowls!! little things remind me of her daily, and this was a good reminder of her! :)!!


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