You Know You Are Sisters When.....

{my sister being goofy....which doesn't happen too often but I love it when it does happen!}

....you both pull into ButterCream Bakery at the same time just to start your morning off right and you haven't talked to each other at all beforehand!!

She bought donuts, I bought a cream horn and we debated about whether we should just sit down there and eat them since we knew we could chat the morning away. But decided we should probably go home and both get some work done.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my sister and brother? Well I love them so much and am so glad we all live in the same town and get to spend time with each other....even while waiting in line for donuts at the local bakery!

And speaking of my sister, she just found out that the tadpoles aren't really tadpoles in the bucket in their backyard. Even funnier. Jill sent her 2nd grader to school with a baggie full of tadpoles to show the class. He was so excited and Jill was so excited for him. When she picked him up from school she asked him how the class liked the tadpoles and Jack said......

"Mom, my teacher said those are not tadpoles....THOSE ARE MOSQUITO LARVA AND TO THROW THEM AWAY IMMEDIATELY."

Thousands of mosquitoes just waiting to hatch and eat all the little ones arms and legs while swimming in their backyard. Not as cute or funny as thousands of little froggies swimming in their pool! They have been disposed of.

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  1. Sisters are the best!
    That's funny about the tadpoles...when I was little, I thought the same thing!

  2. Oh My Gosh! I laughed out loud at work!

    Makes moms so happy when brothers and sisters grow up to friends as adults, no matter what happened when they were 10.


  3. Best donuts ever! Now I want a maple bar. :)


  4. Such a sweet post from you. I can't believe you put donuts..with an S..You blew my cover! After I was driving away I totally thought we should have stayed! Some other time. I did actually get a lot done this morning. Thank you.


  5. I saw Jill at Buckhorn today! It was nice to see her... I would really like to do a scrapbooking night with you guys again...

  6. Stephanie is really blowing my cover today. Donuts for breakfast, buckhorn for lunch...yikes what is for dinner...and yummy b-day cake for dessert. Hum..I think I will start my diet tomorrow! I would love, love, love to do a scrapbooking night...even trying to talk April into a scrapbooking weekend at her house again. So fun.


  7. *thud*
    that's me passing out from laughing!!

  8. throwing up right now. OMG... how disgusting :)

  9. How funny! Especially the larva...

    I want to come scrapbook at April's house too!!!!!! :)


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