MY MONTH! It Starts with a Slip + Slide....Every Year.

Dave woke up this morning. Got in the shower. Got out of the shower. Dried off.

Went into the bathroom. Sat down. Immediately Stood Up. Walked out of the bathroom. And got into the shower again.

He got lubed.....AGAIN!

One of the perks of having surgilube in our house.

It coats the toilet seat nicely and is barely visable and he falls for it EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR!

But....Kaia got him this morning. She woke up extra early. At first I was irritated she was up so early, but as soon as I saw her go into our bathroom I knew exactly what she was doing. I was howling when Dave started the shower for the second time this morning. He, of course, said something under his breath....because that is what Dave does when he has been had!

Successful pranks of 2009.....

We went to San Francisco and Dave dressed up as a Drag Queen! And other successful pranks from last year's April Fools Day! It's my month. I'm allowed to be a practical jokester!

1) Dave ate an oreo cookie with filling removed and re-filled with toothpaste!

2) Brock (our house guest) fell for "your shoe is untied"!

3) Kaia sat on a lubed toilet seat!

4) Brock fell for "your shoe is untied.....again"!

5) Dave sat on a lubed toilet seat and warned that I was due for a big one!

6) Kaia got Dave telling him that she got a 60 minute detention for dress code violation.

AND....one more still to come........a big black gummy RAT to put in our guests' bed tonight before they go to bed! Hope they don't wake up the kids with a scream!

Not sure what I'll have up my sleeve for today's April Fools Day....but I'll keep you posted if I am successful!

kisses on the first day of MY month,post signature


  1. happy YOUR month!!!!!! hope you have a blessed Easter :-)

  2. Happy month to you. :) I am going to steal some of your family traditions. I wanted to get my kids with an April fool's joke myself but then the day slipped away. Maybe next year. Turner will be a bit older and less whiny when he "gets one pulled over" on him. Right now he's so touchy. And Owen, well...he gets me everyday. I ask him where to potty and he says toywet, but then pees his pants. EVERY. TIME.


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