....most comfortable shoes for Vegas

....best shows in Vegas

....weather forecast for Vegas

Are you catching on to a theme here? Yup...planning a short little girls trip to Las Vegas for a friend's 40th and another friend's 45th! We are planning a little sunbathing, shopping and show watching all in two days. A Tuesday and Wednesday to be exact....hoping for lesser crowds and cheaper prices on hotels. I keep thanking my husband for taking on mommy responsibilities those two days so I can go. I should be completely refreshed and hopefully a little tanner when I return and since hubby doesn't necessarily like all the window shopping that takes place in Vegas...he should be thrilled I'm going with the girls!

And just for fun I sometimes check my google dashboard to see how people have made their way to my blog. Here are a few lines people have googled and got to me. If you are a longtime reader, you might remember some of the posts they found after they googled their inquiry {while not always searching for my blog}.

....houseboy for hire {Blake doing my vacuuming}

....spina bifida diapers {totally normal...at least for us}

....hire houseboy in diapers {this one scares me}

...crap cakes {my hubby's week of posting}

...first you roast the mallow {can't remember the post...but love this quote}

....dirty hippie {halloween costume}

.....grandma simpson {same halloween costume}

....big guy dressed in drag {April Fool's joke about Dave}

....dog giveaway {nope not giving away the dog}

....dr. april kennedy {I like the sound of that one but wrong blog}

....blake kennedy's mom {but this one makes me smile, right blog}

....funky sweet toilet seats {hmmmm.....weird}

and the most googled search that brought people to my site.......

.....troll feeding skittles, census worker locked in closet, boy locks census worker in closet

I guess this story really did make it's way around the United States. Searches came from all over. And because of it's innocence, it makes me smile sweetly.

Happy Friday!

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  1. ahhhhh! sounds like an awesome trip you have planned. i love that you're going during the week- you're going to have the best of everything since it won't be so crowded!! and i ma dying at the last google search!!!

  2. If you need any suggestions about places to go in Las Vegas I'm happy to give them. I lived there for about 10 years and my parents are still there. E-mail me, if you're interested. Hope you have a great trip and those google search links are awesome!

  3. The google searches have me cracking up! So sweet and precious and giggle-icious!!

    YAY for Vegas trips! We're planning a major Vegas blowout for my dear hubby's big 3-0 next year. I'm planning and saving up now so we can "do it up right" according to all things Vegas!


  4. how do you find out about the google searches? i want to know who looks at my blog. :)

  5. have FUN!!! every night we enjoyed walking around the venetian and paris people watching....we stayed at the bellagio and LOVED the fountains :-) have a great time and a safe trip!


    libby @ ninesandquines

    p.s. DAMMIT!!!


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