I've Been Spring Cleaning.

While cleaning out my pajama drawer I decided on a whim to throw away all the holey t-shirts that I had been sleeping in recently. Trying to keep only cute jammies in that drawer so at least I look half-way decent climbing into bed to that man of mine. I might not be sleeping as comfortable or well, but hopefully he will appreciate that I'm trying.

My favorite brand of jammies to sleep in is Undrest. Cute and comfortable and look adorable with a pair of black leggings. Like the cotton nightie above. I have one similar to this with 3/4 sleeves but definitely need this one for summer.

Do you think he will even notice?!

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  1. oh, i think he'll notice! you have inspired me to do the same, my dear- i shall toss those novelty family guy and guiness pajama bottoms and buy a new nightie today on the way home. i feel more girlie already!

  2. OH my gosh, I've been going back and forth about doing the same thing! I just haven't been able to tear myself away from the comfort. You have inspired me today. Today I will raid the jammie drawer and PURGE! Thanks :)

    P.S. he will TOTALLY notice! He may not say anything, but he will notice ;)

  3. Good for you! I'm pretty sure he'll notice :) A few years ago I gave my best friend a lot of grief because she wore "real" pj's. I on the other hand wore shirts! Finally I decided to give it a try...I love them! And I love it when hubby notices!

  4. You mean it's not a turn on to be in his old hole ridden t-shirt and old christmas flannel pants!? You have just burst my bubble my dear friend April! I suppose I could invest in some new pj's! I always walk right past the pj's and think "gosh those are SO cute... too cute to sleep in!" ha!

  5. That is cute. i wouldn' tmind sleeping in that myself. I should do better too.

  6. I'm sure he'll notice! That is really cute.


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