I Promised You a Funny Picture....or Two! --updated with story.

No funny story to go with the funny pictures really. Dave had been working in the backyard all day recently on a Saturday. It was one of our first warm days and in the evening Blake decided that he wanted to take a shower outside with the hose. I told him NO, that the hose water would be too cold. Daddy said YES and he would take care of it. Out comes the bucket with warm water from the kitchen sink tap and daddy. I did warm his towel in the dryer for when he was done. The two of them had so many laughs while showering.

When Blake plopped himself in the bucket, Dave said "look...it's a hillbilly hot tub" and that got us all rolling in laughter as we watched half of the water spill up and out of the bucket.

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  1. Oh, my, goodness! How funny. Of course, you have to share the story behind the pictures!

  2. So funny! And yes, the story behind the pictures must be next!


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