Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter Re-Cap!

{my kids got these hippity hoppity balls in their Easter baskets....exactly what I got in my basket years ago as a kid.....I love the retro toy section at Cost Plus World Market}

It ended up being a rainy rainy day, but we had fun.

The kids woke to Easter baskets filled to the brim with goodies.

We listened to General Conference and thought of our Savior.

We found out that my sister, Jill, and her in-laws had planned an Easter egg hunt for her kids in the field at our kids' elementary school so we invited ourselves, even though it was raining, and hunted eggs.

Then it was back to our house to host Easter Dinner!

Here is a re-cap in photos.

I planted inexpensive Isatoma ground cover in little tins I already had in my storage to use as table decorations. And, we placed a little sugar egg at each table setting as a favor for each of our guests.

I spy my two favorite guys! We rearranged all our furniture to entertain 15 people in our little house. The couch is still here in the dining room. We love how cozy it feels....and the TV hasn't been turned on nearly as much. It's uncomfortable to watch TV while sitting at the dining room table that is still in the family room.

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  1. What an amazing day you must have had! I love that the Easter baskets contained retro candy. I blogged about it a while ago...

  2. Great dinner ~ beautiful people. Thanks for hosting. And Jill, fun breakfast and Easter egg hunt. Will this be the new tradition?

    Love, Mom & Dad

  3. so cute. tell Dave I think he's pretty. I love his umbrella. I raided Cost plus too. I love their candy & toys. I quite Like your couch in the dining room with that big window behind. it's fun to change things up for a few days. How are you feeling? better, I hope!

  4. LOVE dave's pink umbrella :-) hope you're well my friend xoxo

  5. Wow! That is all I can say, WOW!

    - Kami

  6. You are such a wonderful entertainer!!! LOVE all the pictures!


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