Happy Friday. Happy Birthday!

{dave bought this visor with built-in crazy hair for blake to wear to school for crazy hat day. dave had fun showing us one night all the different styles he could do if he still had that much hair left on his head!}

I'm at the beach house this weekend with friends. Same place as this post here. Same girlfriends. Same fun times. But no scrapbooking this time for me. Just sewing and jewelry making.....and thinking of this birthday boy today who turns 39. He asked for some skateboarding videos and a Thrasher Magazine t-shirt for his birthday.....oh and concert tickets for tonight! Amazon screwed up my order and one of his videos came wrong, but he loved his t-shirt and will have a great time seeing Sublime tonight with his guy friends. He's still young at heart which keeps it fun at our house! Happy Birthday hunny. I left you a treat in the fridge.

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  1. hahahha- we have silly hat day here at our house :) gotta love it! happy birthday!

  2. I love the hat! I bet Blake loves it too! Have a great weekend with the girls!

  3. Tell Dave we said Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great weekend with the girls. Can't wait to see what you got done!

  4. I hope that Dave had a great birthday weekend - I'm sure with all the lovely things you create and do, it was fantastic. :) I would like to schedule you for my birthday weekend too, if possible. Ha!


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