At My Sister's House....

....there is always something blog worthy going on. With four kids (two of which are crazy wild cute little boys) and a dog how could there be anything but a good laugh everyday. I always tell her she should be blogging all their funnies but she claims she doesn't have time. And, trust me when I say that the things that happen in their home are funny. Just to prove it, I swiped what my little nephew made at school the other day for this here blog just so I could blog a little on behalf of the Odell Family!

Kyle brought this little craft he made home from preschool.

My sister nervously asks: "Kyle, oh wow....what did you make?"

Kyle answers: "It is an airplane, mommy!"

My sister: "Of course it is!"........phew.

Now if I could just get a picture of the thousands of tadpoles they just found in a bucket that had filled with rain water on the side of their house....and then catch a picture of when those thousand of tadpoles turn into thousands of little tiny frogs jumping all over their backyard and into their swimming pool. Good times!

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  1. AAAAHAHAHHAHA i. am. dying. laughing. hahahhahahhahaha! i cannot even imagine the look on her face! and the frogs???

  2. omg that is way too funny!....Boys especially come up with the best blog fodder!

  3. I don't know WHY your sister would "phew"....it totally looks like an airplane.


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