I'm starting the Dammit Club! Want to join me?

We're trying to get pregnant again after our miscarriage. Didn't happen this month. I got a lovely treat this morning to prove it. Dammit. If you want to join me.....just leave a random comment of 'dammit' on any current post, at any time of the month when you find out you're not pregnant and I'll know to send extra thoughts and prayers your way. I know at least one person I can count on joining. Any other takers?

Sometimes it is just the right word to say. Plus if I spell it wrong, it doesn't feel like I'm swearing! But don't tell my children. My 12 year old will use it against me!post signature


  1. Well dammit all to hell! I'm so sorry. (That dammit is to you from me rather then for me and I give you my South African damn/hell aren't swear words pass to use for this occasion). Saying a prayer for next month. xo

  2. Dammit! Well not for me right now... no where near trying just yet. But it was that way before Julian! I had my mc, a dammit, and then a HOLY COW! It'll happen sweets... I'm sending lots of love and prayers your way!

    I also have a sure fire way to make sure gravity takes control of the little swimmers! Email me. I'm far too embarassed to post for everyone to see!
    mrsstillwell at gmail dot com


  3. OOh! Count me in. I am on my period right this second and I hate my life because of it.

    We've been trying to get pregnant for almost two years. We were successful and conceived twins last April, but sadly, miscarried them and haven't been able to get pregnant since.


    Hopefully this month is OUR month!

  4. I say Dammit every time I get my period whether I am trying to get pregnant or not! But I am praying it'll work out for you in the next few months! Your body probably just needed a test run to make sure it is back on track before committing to a long haul. ;)

  5. Well, I've never miscarried...but we have been TTC for over 4 years now...and I got a visitor on Monday am...soooo...

    DARN IT!

  6. Where was the Dammit Club the 9 months I needed it?!?
    Praying for you always<3

  7. aw, sweetie- sorry for the dammit! we're not trying yet, but we surely will be soon and i'm always in the mood for a good dammit when my "gift" (what?) comes! hahahha!

  8. I hope you are talking about me! Next month sister! For now....dammit!

  9. It'll happen. It didn't happen immediately for me after my last loss, but the very next month after that, it did, and now I'm only 8 weeks away from that blessed day. Sending prayers your way. ;)

  10. Hubbs and I have been trying for 8 months now. I should know anyday now if I'm once again a member of the dammit club. My fingers are crossed!!

  11. We actually had our miscarraiges close to the same day. I logged on about a week after mine and saw your post. It broke my heart :( Same story for me - I was 9 weeks, but the baby stopped growing at 6-ish.

    I have yet to have a period, so you are doing better than I am! I'm giving myself (and husband) this month and then we are back on the TTC wagon. Let the fun begin!



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