WINNER, WINNER, WINNER picked by my Brother!

I'm spending the day with my brother. {If you are new to my blog, he is fighting a battle against brain cancer.} Actually, I spend every Tuesdays and Fridays with him. We hang out together. I make him breakfast, we laugh and chat and we talk sometimes about serious things. Then we have lunch and go to a few appointments and then he usually takes a nap on our bed. Every once in awhile I have to pick him up off the floor too when he does his amazing "tuck and rolls". OK...maybe more than every once in awhile. He is actually working on getting a new wheelchair that will fit him better and be a little more light-weight for lifting in and out of the car. He is really fighting balance issues right now and the wheelchair is just a safer option at this point and becoming more of a necessity. And he is so funny, when he does tuck and roll, he just hangs out until someone comes to check on him. This morning I asked him why he doesn't just yell "Help, I've fallen and can't get up." He says he's just hanging out and relaxing! He really does have a great attitude about his life and trials right now. I am learning much from my little brother.

Anyway, back to the winner! He is sitting right here next to me and I said, "Pick a number between 1 and 25."

He picked 21! Go see if you won. Hope you enjoy for Liberty of London picture frame. Congrats!!

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  1. Your brother is BRILLIANT!! Tell him thank you for randomly picking my comment for the frame! I love that you guys have such an awesome bond! Makes me wish I had siblings! Enjoy the day!! I am so excited for my frame, it is going in the studio :)

  2. Sounds like everyone could learn something from your brother!

    Congrats to the winner!

  3. Found you via Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea (love her blog!)...just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed perusing your blog! Great stuff!

  4. I love hearing stories about your brother. :) I hope that he gets to see the blog and know how inspiring he is.

  5. Please tell Jase we love him and miss him. I'm glad he has such a dedicated and loyal and unfailing sister like you!

  6. Darn it! I was #22!!!!! :(

    So glad you have such a beautiful relationship with your brother. As always, in my prayers.


  7. Hey - Just wanted to let you know that I gave you the kreative blogger award because I adore your blog. You really are an inspiration and you make me smile daily...thanks for that.

    Read my blurb at


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