I'll be darned if I'm not going to wear the two cute maternity dresses I had bought at Old Navy even though I don't have a growing abdomen at the moment. {Speaking of growing...I wish it would shrink, but that is probably going to take a little work and a little less eating.} The two dresses I bought are so cute and so versatile. I decided to go with the blue one on Sunday, to try to get away with it, by putting a cardigan over the dress. It worked....no one knew any differently. I have a plum one in the same jersey material....I'll be wearing it next week!

Dress: Old Navy Maternity in Slate Blue
Cardigan: Target in Mustard
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Shoes: Target
Legs: Need Some Sun!

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  1. I think you look fabulous!!!

    PS - Did more damage at Target yesterday. That Liberty Line is way too cute!

  2. You are just adorable and don't need to lose a pound (although those legs could stand some sun! lol!) I have been stalking the blog waiting for another update. I hope this sunshine is helping the healing! xoxoxo

  3. Hot! :)

    And I have pale legs, too. I actually prefer being "fair." So work it!

  4. Actually, I think the legs need some Maui sun!!

  5. One of my favorite shirts is a Gap Maternity shirt I bought at a consignment shop. My youngest is six years old so I haven't had the need for a maternity shirt for awhile. I think you look darling! I wish I was better at putting fun colors together in my wardrobe!

  6. LOVE the outfit! I totally still wear my maternity clothes! Nobody can tell! :)

    I think you need to plan a trip to so cal and revamp my wardrobe. Plus we could get some sunshine on our gams. My legs are SOOOOO white. The hubs says I'm translucent.

  7. LOVE the entire outfit, but REALLY love those shoes! They look very Anthro...wish I had the opportunity to wear cute heals!

  8. I have found myself looking forward to wearing some of my maternity shirts after the baby is here. I think you look great and the abdomen isn't noticeable....not that it ever is. You always look great. :)

  9. Love that you're still wearin' 'em. x


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