We are Attempting These Today....

Sugar Easter Eggs....

from the Martha Stewart On Demand Easter Series.

We shopped for supplies needed and came home to give it a go today.
Girls mixing pretty colors.

Ingredients we didn't have.

Egg molds in two different sizes.

Scraping out the middles for lidded little jelly bean bowls.

Letting sit to set overnight.

Finishing tomorrow!
Not too sure how the frosting & decorating are going to go.
Not my strong points.....
but I can carve a mean center out without breakage!
So far we only planned on making lidded jelly bean bowls
and little decorative eggs for fun,
but I'm thinking I want to try at least one
picture window egg.

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  1. those are amazing!! i want one! maybe i should learn how to make it...

  2. You're brave! That is probably one thing I have never thought about trying to make!

  3. You are SO Martha! I went to the bakery and bought one for each of my girls but can't wait to see yours. I bet they'll be adorable!

  4. OMG. these are incredible! i will have to try this out next year for sure :)



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